2015 | Publicity We Love - Mpowerment Projects
For the Mpowerment Project (MP) to be truly a community wide HIV prevention program, as many young gay/bisexual men as possible must learn about the Project and its activities. Thus, effective publicity is an important Core Element to help the Project achieve its mission of reducing unsafe sex among young gay/bisexual men in the community.

The goals for MP Publicity are to:

* Establish an awareness of the Project among gay / bisexual men (Project Promotion).

* Invite young men to become involved w/ the Project and it's activities (Project Promotion).

* Provide a continual reminder of the norm for safer sex and knowing your HIV status (Safer Sex and HIV testing promotion)

* Inform people who can refer young gay/bisexual men to the Project.

* Convey messages that foster a greater sense of community among young gay/bisexual men (Community-Building).

Download "Publicizing the Mpowerment Project" Module 10 to read more. Find it at mpowerment.org

Outreach Materials - As part of each Outreach Team performance, the Outreach Team distributes materials that promote safer sex and advertise the Project, along with condoms and lubes. Create materials that go beyond merely listing safer sex guidelines or urging men to use condoms and get tested. They should be eye-catching and address underlying issues of why men are at risk for transmitting or contracting HIV. Avoid fear-based messages.

Download "Formal Outreach - Social Outreach Events and Outreach Team" Module 7 to read more. It's a free download when you register at mpowerment.org
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