• Nagabakama: Long, pleated pants worn by Heian Period (794 - 1185) noble women. These pants drape past the wearer's feet. So the wearer must slide around on them in order to walk.
  • Junihitoe: A 12 layered robe worn by Heian Period (794 - 1185) Noble women. In this case, you can see the layers faked on our faux junihitoe.

Dressing the Heian Noble Woman

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Heian Period Noble Woman Process Shot:

After finishing with the samurai, Marie-Josie jumped right into dressing our next model; a Heian Period (794 - 1185) noble woman. Our noble woman wears junihitoe (a 12 layered robe which is one of the precursors of the modern kimono). In order to save our model from heat stroke, the outfit she is wearing is not actually 12 layers, but rather has false layers at the sleeves, collar and hem. Our noble woman also wears nagabakama: long pleated pants that drape past her feet. She must slide around on them in order to walk. This entire outfit was made by Marie-Josie.

Photos of this outfit in its entirety, are posted later in this set (as part of the post-fashion show photo shoot)

Photo by: Momiji no Kage Okiya, Sudbury, Ontario
Kimono Dresser: Marie-Josie Cayer (FrenchLily)
Makeup by: Justine Sobocan (MissMyloko)

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