Brainstorming session on “Alternatives for River sand”
Brainstorming session on “Alternatives for River sand” jointly organized by CIDA and SLWP was held on 28th Sep 2015 at CIDA auditorium.
This is the second forum organized under the proposed series of consultative and awareness workshops and brainstorming sessions planned to promote alternatives to river sand.
There were more than 40 participants attended from the regulatory authorities such as GSB, CEA, PC, ID, CCD, DS offices, CIDA and also from the supplier of alternatives to river sand such as SLRDC, private sector organisations engaged in quarry industry and also the users.
Chairman, CIDA Mr Conrad Tissera welcoming the participants emphasized for early concrete action for introducing alternative for river sand. Ms Badra Kamaladasa briefed the involvement of SLWP in river conservation programs for last 12 years and the target of the organization through the joint programs with regulatory authorities. Prof S M A Nanayakkara presented briefly the negative impacts due to excessive river sand mining and practical issues related with usage of alternatives in construction industry. The brainstorming session started after these briefing and many participants expressed their experience in supplying and using the alternatives to river sand. A panel selected from the regulatory organisations answered most of the issues raised by the participants. Moderator of the brainstorming session Prof Nanayakkara finally summarized the discussion and noted the next course of action. SLWP will circulate the session proceedings among the participants later.
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