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Alfonso de Rojas, Loreesi Explorer | by Ayrlego
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Alfonso de Rojas, Loreesi Explorer

Captain Alfonso de Rojas, a man of many talents, is known as a mariner, warrior, scholar, artist, cartographer and explorer, and is one of the leading Loreesi figures in the exploration of the great western isles.


Whilst Loreos is known mainly for its armoured knights and heavy cavalry, scorching deserts and nomadic tribesmen, it should also be remembered that it is a place with a deep tradition of education, innovation and the arts. Not all Loreesi heroes ride a horse… or camel… or elephant!


Originally a younger son from a wealthy merchant family, he trained as a ships captain before a youthful spirit of adventure saw him fighting as a marine. After a number of years at sea, he discovered a talent for drawing which led to a study of cartography. His early work included several successful surveys of sections of the uncharted Outlaw coastline (during which he also fought in many maritime skirmishes). He also became renowned for his sketches of the flora and fauna of the minor islands in region.


With the announcement of the Lenfel discovery of the great western isles, he was on of the first Loreesi captains to make it through to the isles and has since successfully led several expeditions, being responsible for much of the detailed mapping of the coastline of Ad Undas.


In recognition of his work, he has been granted command of several vessels and a crack company of Loreesi marines, many of which he hand picked from his previous voyages. The purpose of this command is to continue exploring the new world and to further advance Loreesi knowledge and influence in the region.


Seen here in one of his return visits to Dalmunutha, the very highest levels of Loreesi leadership seek his advice in matters of the new world. The Princes of Loreos have requested an appointment, they seem quite interested in the island of Frydraca, the latest claim in the new world by rival province Lenfald! Here Alfonso and his right hand man, Rashid al Maari study their maps in preparation for the visit.


Rashid, originally from one of Loreos many desert tribes, is one of the few tribesmen to take well to the open water. An excellent navigator, he claims there is little difference in the stars whether in the middle of a desert, or an ocean!


Whilst he is a skilled cartographer in his own right, the map Alfonso is using here appears to be suspiciously Lenfel in origin!




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Taken on December 13, 2016