West Laurel Hill Remembrance Celebration, March 5, 2017
Thanks to everyone who came out today for the Duffy's Cut Memorial at West Laurel Hill Cemetery! Your presence was much appreciated on this brisk late winter day! Bethanne Killian Bernard J Jr. Buckley Walt Hunter, Frank Hollingsworth Frank McDonnell, Kevin Ward John Sean McMenamin, Nora Campbell and the many others from the Donegal Society, Marita Krivda Tom Conner, Quiet Man Bob McAllister, Pam and Peter Murphy, Matthew McStravog Joe Conte Rich Karl Becca Gutherman. Thanks to Frank McDonnell and Marita Krivda and West Laurel Hill's Peter Hoskins, Kevin McCormick, Priyanka Setty, Bill Dorn for helping us to remember the Duffy's Cut 57!
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