1st UCLG Culture Summit - Bilbao
Photos of the very 1st Culture Summit of UCLG in Bilbao.

Photos 1-48: Plenary 1: Why culture and sustainable cities?

Photos 49-76: Plenary 2: Cultural Rights in the City

Photos 77-90: Parallel session A1: Cities and Cultural Policies: The Leading and Pilot Cities 2014

Photos 91-99: Parallel session B1: Good Practices: The International Award "UCLG - Mexico City - Culture 21".

Photos 100-110: Parallel session C1: Speed Networking

Photos 111-125: Guggenheim.

Photos 126-165: Plenary 3: Why culture and sustainable cities?

Photos 166-172: Parallel session A2: Cities and Cultural Policies: Implementing Culture 21: Actions.

Photos 173-180: Parallel session B2: Good Practices: Culture and Social Inclusion.

Photos 181-195: Parallel session C2: Speed Networking

Photos 196-219: Plenary 4: Culture and Sustainable Cities: the Commitments

Photos 220-234: Parallel session A3: Cities and Cultural Policies: The Cultural Policies of Leading European Cities.

Photos 235-244: Parallel session B3: Good Practices: Networks on Culture and Sustainability.

Photos 245-254: Parallel session C3: Speed Networking

Photos 255-283: Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

Photos 284-296: Solar eclipse.

Photos 297-328: Plenary 5: Culture in Sustainable Cities: the Way Forward.

Photos 329-364: Plenary 6: Conclusions and Closing.
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