2019 Native American Media Actors Panel
The LA Skins Fest hosted a free panel discussion with Native American actors. Panelists included Tantoo Cardinal (ABC’s Stumptown), Zahn McClarnon (HBO’s Westworld), Martin Sensmeier (The Magnificent Seven), Amber Midthunder (Fx’s Fargo), and Sivan Alyra Rose (Netflix’s Chambers). Burgeoning indigenous actors provided valuable information about working in film and television. Thanks to the actors for participating in the panel and helping out in uplifting our community! Our Native youth and Native filmmakers had a blast learning and hanging out with you all!

The Native American Actors Panel’s overall goal is to offer new opportunities for the Native American community. The workshop offers new information vital to auditioning in the ever-changing media landscape, gives our community fresh opportunities to generate new partnerships and access to networking collaborations.
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