Jimi Hendrix on Vinyl
A self-taught guitarist Jimi Hendrix began his musical career backing such R&B greats as Ike and Tina Turner, Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett and B.B. King. Brought to London from New York by former Animal Chas Chandler, he quickly established himself as the brightest new star on the burgeoning progressive rock scene of the early '60s. Along with bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell he formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience and, after a landmark appearance at the Monterey Pop festival, released his debut album. Are You Experienced?, in September of 1967.
The album, and its successors-Axis: Bold As Love and the towering Electric Ladyland (both 1968) earned Hendrix international acclaim as the premier rock & roll innovator of his generation. A greatest hits collection, Smash Hits (1969), and an in-concert memento of his historic Monterey appearance, Otis Redding / Jimi Hendrix Experience at Monterey (1970), followed before his untimely death in September of 1970.
A posthumous studio album, The Cry Of Love, was released in January of 1971, followed by the double album soundtrack to the documentary film Jimi Hendrix in June of 1973.

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Vinyl Record Care and Maintenance
Cleanliness is absolutely mandatory to achieve the best sound quality of your vinyl records. A clean vinyl record will not only sound better, but last longer. It has long been proven that the playing of dirty records will result in a rapid deterioration of quality and degradation of the original recorded sound, or simply can cause permanent damage to your vinyl records. Read More

Grading Your Vinyl Records
The following is the grading system first developed by Goldmine Records. Virtually all methods currently in use for the grading of records, is based in some way, shape, or form, on this system. Rather than offer some variation of the original system first developed by Goldmine, Fox Music Company will display the Goldmine record grading method in it's entirety. Read More

What Is A Vinyl Record??
Vinyl records were introduced and marketed as the unbreakable record, unlike its shellac counterpart of days gone by, that would break at the drop of a hat and becomes more brittle over time.Read More

David Stone Martin and the Art of Jazz
In the world of jazz there is one artist collected the world over who has never played an instrument not even a note of music but has left his mark on the jazz culture. Illustrator David Stone Martin was one of the most prolific and influential graphic designers of the postwar era, with his signature hand sketched graphics with two or three primary colors, perfectly capturing the energy and spontaneity of the jazz idiom. Read More

What Type of Records Do You Collect??
Vinyl Record Collectors come in as many shapes as sizes and generations as the vinyl records they collect. Why do people collect records?? Read More

What Is A Phonograph Record??
A phonograph record is an analog sound medium that consists of a flat disc record with an inscribed modulated spiral groove usually starting near the outside edge (lead-in) and ending near the center of the record (lead-out).The audio content of the record is contained within the spiral groove which extends for more than a half mile. The groove itself is actually narrower than the thickness of a human hair yet is capable of producing the highest frequencies the human ear can detect, to the fundamentals that are felt rather than heard. Read More

Lenny Bruce the Charlie Parker of Comedy
When once asked to describe jazz, trumpet legend Miles Davis sarcastically but saliently replied, "You can sweat it down to four words: Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker." Now trying to apply that same old-school, new-school trailblazer to comedy is somewhat more a problem. Read More

Static Electricity and Your Vinyl Records
Because static electricity plays such a major role in the problem of vinyl record cleaning and that we have repeatedly referred to the malice effects of static electricity, we feel an explanation of this phenomenon is in order. Read More

Audio Rarities
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Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Band of Gypsys

Are You Experienced - 1967
Axis: Bold as Love - 1967
Electric Ladyland - 1968
Band Of Gypsys - 1970

Band Personnel
Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals
Mitch Mitchell - drums - Jimi Hendrix Experience
Noel Redding - bass - Jimi Hendrix Experience
Buddy Miles - drums - Band of Gypsys
Billy Cox - bass - Band of Gypsys

Live Recordings
Monterey International Pop Festival - 1967
Woodstock Music Festival -1969
Royal Albert Hall - 1969
Isle of Wight Festival - 1970

Posthumous Studio Albums
The Cry of Love - Reprise Records 1971
Rainbow Bridge - Reprise Records 1971
War Heroes - Polydor Records 1972
Loose Ends - Polydor Records 1974
Crash Landing - Reprise Records 1975
Midnight Lightning - Reprise Records 1975
Nine to the Universe - Reprise Records 1980

Record Labels
Track Records
Reprise Records
Polydor Records
Capitol Records
Barclay Records

Psychedelic Rock
Acid Rock
Blues Rock
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