Fox Music Company Picture Tour - Indie Record Store - Watertown Wisconsin - vinyl record album lp
Welcome to the Fox Music Company photo tour..., please keep arms and hands inside boat at all times, and no smoking please, the reason you should keep your arms and hands inside the boat is there are wild and hungry alligator waiting for the next .., hand out, oops, wrong tour.

This picture tour starts outside the record store. Fox Music is located on the Corner of First and Main although our entrance is on First Street at the top of the handicap access ramp. Also seen here are images of our sign and window art. In through the foyer past the vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, right straight into what we call the "Jazz Room" although this room does house several genres of vinyl recordings such as, Big Bands; Sweet Bands; Swing Bands, Traditional Jazz; Hard Bop; Bop; Female Vocals; Male vocals or just plain Jazz. -- As we pass through the "Jazz Room" you'll notice the far wall above the arched passage is one of the vintage radio collections you will find at Fox Music Company. These radios here are mostly AM radios but there are a few World Band Radios as well, with a host of names such as Admiral; Crosley; Phillips; and Zenith, most are bakelite or catalin but there are a few leatherettes here too. Once you pass through the arched door you enter the main body of the store, off to the right the first row of new compact discs are the following genres, Singer Song-Writer; Americana; Country and Bluegrass the second row of compact discs starts A - Z Popular Rock -- the third row of compact discs starting at the far end coming back is Blues; Soul; Funk and Punk -- Just Past the new compact disc about half way down the isle starts the vinyl records A - Z Popular Rock which continues around the back half of the store into the stage area. The very far wall in the upright rack are the following genres, also in vinyl Soundtracks; Disney; Childrens; Sports and Novelty; Old Time Radio and the infamous "Stars Sing?" -- also on the far wall to the right in the two upright bins are Heavy Metal Records on in the left and Soul; Funk and Motown records in the right just past the Soul and Funk puts in the stage area where we host in live store performances. The two upright bins in this room stage left and stage right are the popular rock continued if you'll note also on top of the upright record bins and also above the stage is another collection of vintage radiosc-- coming back from the stage room to your left in the upright racks you'll find the progressive rock albums and rounding the corner are the Folk Rock records which brings you into the Country Coral, which consists of three upright racks -- just passed the Country Coral into what was a bank vault you'll find our 45's wall to wall, ceiling to floor.
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