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Winter Market Village Entry Photo #4 - Fireworks Stall | by illegitimatealex
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Winter Market Village Entry Photo #4 - Fireworks Stall

My original ideas for entries into this contest were much more traditional sorts of booths that you would find at a Christkindlmarkt, including a Christmas ornament shop and a toy shop. The more I thought about it though the less I liked those ideas. Instead of doing something traditional I tried to think up what those winter markets are missing, something that a celebratory time of year would absolutely need to have.


That's when it hit me. I had a strong image of Christmas stuck in my head when originally thinking about entries into the contest but the holiday season is also about the coming of the New Year. No New Year celebration is complete without fireworks.


With that idea in mind I set out on a less traditional sort of winter market stall and I came up with this.


This trusty little stall has all of your fireworks needs, from small things like firecrackers, sparklers, and cherry bombs to rockets and mortars.


For your New Year's celebratory needs, its always a good idea to stop by and pick up everything you might need.


Especially sparklers.


I hope you all enjoy my entry. Thank you Toys N Bricks for hosting this event and thank you TLG for donating the prizes. Good luck to everybody. I had a lot of fun building my entry over the past two weeks.

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Taken on January 14, 2015