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I dreamed...



I went back to England to see Hamlet with David Tennant in it. I walked from Heathrow to the theatre, and there was a fire warning in London. I watched the play, and David Tennant was there on the stage. Yay! Then the play was over, and I had to get to Simon’s house. Oddly, it was still light out. The fires had gotten worse, and two buildings were ablaze. I was near one burning building, and decided to stay near it because I could get some cool pictures. As I was taking pictures, a police officer put up a barrier post right where I was standing, so I decided to go on my way. To get to Simon’s house I had to pass by the other fire, so I had an opportunity to get pictures of that, too. The other fire was in a pizza place located in the middle of the street. I was on an elevated platform walkway. The pizza place had an awning that reached over the walkway, and I decided not to walk under the awning of the burning building, so I crossed the street using a bridge to the walkway on the other side. But there was also an awning on that side, and this awning was low enough that you had to crawl under it. I decided to go back across the street and pass the building where I had more room. The bridge took me close by the burning building, but the fire died down as I passed because of a safety system that quelled the flames somewhat. Despite this, a spark from the fire jumped out and gave me a burn on my right forearm. Once I had passed the building, I started thinking about the difficulty in getting to Simon’s house. I realized I should really call Simon, but I didn’t have a working phone! So I couldn’t call him. Just as I was beginning to realize how hopeless my situation was, Simon and his girlfriend found me. They had very cleverly figured out where I would be in the enormous city of London. We went to Simon’s house. It seemed like everyone was there. It was crowded with lots of Simon’s friends and Krystal and Finn. We started talking. I showed everyone my burn and they asked me how it was finally seeing David Tennant in Hamlet. At this point I realized that I didn’t remember being particularly excited during the play, despite David Tennant, and the logic of the dream started breaking down.


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Taken on May 9, 2009