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An’kirah - front | by d_dardanel
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An’kirah - front

A ruin of an ancient sea-faring civilization, with a deep, dark, underworldly secret that brought on their demise. At some point during their reign they became so enchanted with shiny, yet unbeknownst to them - deadly, crystals that they started worshiping them as Gods and building underground shrines for their collection. When the first signs of the disease came it was too late for most and those who survived quickly abandoned their once grand cities, never to go back to behind their shimmering walls.


The city of An’kirah, was a bustling city that was primarily a religious center. The many shrines that once made this mountain city known far and wide now lay in ruin. Forgotten by time itself it awaits brave souls ready to explore its narrow corridors and tell its story once again.

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Uploaded on March 2, 2016