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The Engineer | by d_dardanel
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The Engineer

On the outside Frederic looks just like any other member of the Hooman Empire, but he is actually a part of an alien race of unknown origin that simply appeared on the outskirts of the galaxy some 30 years ago, suffering from collective amnesia.


Having no memories meant that Frederic, and the entirety of his people, had to concentrate on survival rather than discovering their origins. They quickly started to make contact with neighbouring systems, but were met with more hostility than offerings of help. Food soon became scarce and, in a desperate attempt to save as many as they could, they sold most of their young into slavery, Frederic included.


As per chance Hugo was the one to buy him. He saw something in Frederic, something he couldn’t quite put his mechanical claw on. He decided to buy him and teach him skill necessary to perform routine maintenance on his mechanical body. Noticing that Frederic had talent for engineering beyond even himself Hugo decided to set Frederic free.


Years later they met again and Frederic begged Hugo to let him join “his” pirate crew, wanting to always be near, should Hugo’s body and mind ever start to fail him. Captain agreed on one condition, that he became the ship’s engineer.

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Uploaded on April 19, 2015