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The Navigator | by d_dardanel
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The Navigator

Hugo’s race - the Millennials, as they are called in the Common Realms, figured out eons ago how to transfer biological consciousness into artificially created technological containers (a feat not matched since in the known universe). However, not all wanted to go through the procedure and a horrible civil war broke out. Those who did, being virtually immortal, quickly gained the upper hand. Until the events of the Miracle, that is.


Members of a small church of Science discovered another way of transcending biology, through a still unknown method, in all likelihood involving technologically aided meditation. Most of the remainder of Hugo’s race being transformed into pure energy (which is physically inconceivable!) meant the end of the terrible war.


Millenias passed and Hugo’s mechanical race spread throughout the galaxy, but a terrible revelation came to pass. Due to a mistake made by the Architect, the consciousness container started degrading and all those using them slowly started losing their sanity. Millenias passed again and now there are only a very few Millennials left.


Hugo finally started losing himself only a few decades ago and started searching for those Millennials who transcended their biology the “natural” way, believing that they could help him out of his predicament. In a fit of insanity he decided to join a pirate crew thinking that this would greatly aid him in his quest.

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Uploaded on April 13, 2015