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LoR: Lenfald CIC, Hunting the Wargs | by ~Mythical
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LoR: Lenfald CIC, Hunting the Wargs

The horse's hooves clattered along the dirt road, pursuing the lone Warg. Eolhelm ducked and dodged the low tree branches as het let arrow after arrow fly trying to hit the warg. The Warg was smart and fast, dodgeing Eolhelm's arrows. Up ahead Eolhelm saw The Lone Peak, smiling he kept up is diversion keeping the Warg's attention on him. As the road curved around the peak, Eolhelm let loose a final arrow and slowed his horse. The Warg galloped past. An Elvish War cry was heard and Captain Ethron jumped from the peak, Hurling his spear into the warg's side. The Warg ran a few final feet and then fell dead onto the grass. Ethron pulled his spear from the Warg's side, and wiped the tip with his cloak. Eolhelm smiled, his trap had worked. He walked over the warg, and stabbed his sword into the Warg's forehead.

The elf turned to Eolhelm,

"Ready to head back?"

Eolhelm looked at Warg one more time.

"Yes, Let's go."

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Taken on January 23, 2015