Our 45th Wedding Anniversary in 2017 gave us the perfect excuse to splurge on a six-week birding trip to Tanzania, Eastern Africa. This album covers the initial 10 days which were spent in Dar Es Salaam and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. From Pemba, we flew back to Tanga on the mainland, where we met up with Anthony and Geitan from Tanzania Birding for a four-week birding Safari around Tanzania. Photos from that part of the trip will be published in later albums.
Alison is preparing a detailed trip report which she is intending to publish in Surfbirds and on Facebook.
The main objective was to see birds, and we certainly achieved that with a list of about 620 species for the complete trip: this was way over our original hopes to reach about 500! Photography was somewhat frustrating at times, especially in the forest areas where sightings were often very brief and light almost non-existent under the forest canopy. Nevertheless, I managed to accumulate a significant number of photographs capturing many of the birds and animals which we saw (some much better than others).
We spent the first few days in Dar Es Salaam as guests of Jim and Martha Harvey: I knew Jim from our University days in Manchester, England in the late 60’s, and it was about 35 years since we last met when Jim visited us in Canada. We did some birding in Jim’s neighbourhood in Dar (but carrying a camera was definitely not recommended) and we even had a Black-crowned Night-Heron fly over as we waited for our guide one morning. We hired January Ching’Enya, a local guide, for a couple of birding outings while in the Dar area.
After Dar Es Salaam, we took the ferry to Zanzibar for 2 nights, with a birding guide for a full day in Jozani National Park. We then flew on to Pemba for 3 nights, with a guide for two mornings in the Ngezi Forest Reserve, and then flew to Tanga on the mainland to meet up with Tanzania Birding. Arrangements for this part of the trip were made by Procell Safaris (Jim and/or Martha’s company), using Palm Tours to handle detailed arrangements on Zanzibar and Pemba. Everything worked very smoothly. Full marks to Juma of Palm Tours, who stuck with us on all our birding hikes to make sure everything went well, even though his normal role was obviously not to hike through tropical forests in search of birds!
Thank you, Jim and Martha, for your hospitality and for your kindness and generosity in making all these arrangements. It was great to meet up with you!
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