Going Vegan in December
I'm challenging myself to eat a vegan diet during the month of December. This means no meat, no dairy, no Christmas ham or eggnog. In addition, I plan to continue to abstain from alcoholic and caffeinated beverages (which are proven to aggravate my cardiac arrhythmias).

I'll photograph EVERYTHING I eat and drink during this challenge and post it here (including snacks as small as an almond and excluding glasses of water).

I hope that sharing these photos with the world will encourage me to become more mindful, selective and aware of what I eat. My motto for the month is "if I'm embarrassed to photograph it and share it with others, I should feel embarrassed to eat it."

But beyond taking steps toward building a healthier eating habit, I hope this will serve as an exercise in mindfulness and self-discipline.

Fluctuations in my weight and BMI (if any) will be tracked here.
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