Krakow 'Krakowiak 2013'
We traveled to Krakow in 2013. On this visit we had decided not to plan anything and just follow our noses, it was a good idea and came across a variety of events.
You can always rely on Krakow to have something on the go, a really vibrant city full of life and culture.
Our first morning started on the Rynek sat outside one of the delightful cafe/bars enjoying a delicious Polish breakfast surrounded by baskets of flowers in full bloom and the sun shining down on us. A great start to the morning, I could have stopped there all day just watching the world go by with perhaps a cool Tyskie beer or two.
After discussing various options we decided to have a gentle stroll towards the Wawel Castle, the views from there would be stunning on such a sun filled day.
Only ten minutes into our walk we were confronted by a procession of dancers in brightly coloured outfits making their way from the Wawel to the Rynek. It was 'Krakowiak 2013' an international festival of folk dancing for youth and children, they were to give exhibitions later in the day at the Maly Rynek, our day was decided, this was to good to miss. What a good decision, it was a fantastic event, a stunning display of folk dancing full of vibrant colours, enthusiasm and some very happy faces. "International Festival of Children and Youth Folk Groups. Krakow, Poland"
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