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Union Bank Of Manchester & (London Camera Exchange) | by Kev Walker ¦ Thank You 4 Comments n Faves
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Union Bank Of Manchester & (London Camera Exchange)

I want to start this by giving a shout out to the "London Camera Exchange in Cross Street Manchester" I bought a new Nikon D7200 off them last July. But unfortunately they did not have the Lens the camera normally comes with, so he gave me a slightly more expensive one at no extra charge. But at the time I also bought a 75-300mm zoom lens from my brother as we were taking photos at Manchester Airport and I needed a bigger lens.


So I never really used the new lens until I went to away on holiday in September. At first I thought I was doing something wrong with the camera settings as the Autofocus kept moving all the time. So to explain, I would focus my shot but just before I was about to press the shutter the camera would refocus on it's on. So the picture would not be sharp, it kept doing this all the time which was driving me mad, so I switched the autofocus off but with my bad eyesight it was not easy. I took over 5000 pictures in the time I was away and only managed to keep around 300 and some of them were taken with the zoom lens.


So yesterday morning I went to Salford Quays with my Tripod and thought, I will try again and shoot at F22 on the tripod. Guess what the quality was shocking! I could not use any of them, at this point I decided to go back to the store and explain. Now I was thinking they are going to say " It's my fault I'm not shooting correctly" But that was not the case at all, the sales person tried the camera and said right away the lens was faulty, and that he had never known it before with a Nikon lens.


They replaced my lens for one that was a lot more expensive one than mine free of charge right away with no issues!!!!


So MASSIVE WELL DONE to London Camera Exchange!!!


PS this was the Lens they gave me as a replacement


Nikon 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 VR AF-S ED DX G Zoom



The Union Bank was an early joint stock bank in the industrial heartland of Lancashire, established in 1836 with a capital of £6 million divided into 24,000 shares of £25 each. Although the original intention of the Union Bank was to confine itself to Manchester, after twenty years this policy was changed, and its first branch opened at Knutsford in 1856.



The bank flourished with the growth of industry and acquired several smaller banks in Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire. It became an affiliated bank within the Barclays Group in 1919, when 99% of its capital was acquired under an arrangement whereby Union Bank shareholders were given shares in Barclays to replace their Union Bank shares. This was Barclays' last major acquisition before the Treasury put a block on major banking mergers in 1920. The Union Bank continued to be managed and marketed separately until 1940 when it was fully absorbed into Barclays.

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Taken on January 27, 2019