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2019年香港七一衝突的真相:搶劫 Robbery of Legislative Counsel Hong Kong on 1 July Riot | by RYOTA NAKANISHI A ONE-MAN ARMY RETURNS TO THE HELL
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2019年香港七一衝突的真相:搶劫 Robbery of Legislative Counsel Hong Kong on 1 July Riot


There is no English media actually reported any key facts that indicate nature of the 1 July Riot of 2019 in Hong Kong was ''robbery'' rather than ''brave and peaceful grass roots protest.'' The official narrative of ''polite protesters''inside of the illegally occupied Legislative Counsel complex was turned out to be Western mainstream media's fake narrative as usual. It was a locally sized colour revolution attempt which officially targeted the 4th. chief executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam however this destabilising operation was more similar with the CIA financed robbery of North Korea Embassy in Madrid, Spain on February 22, 2019. The main aim of the ''robbery'' in the name of ''brave and peaceful grass roots protest'' was to steal classified governmental documents, electric devices such as CPU hard disks. Amendment of Hong Kong Extradition Bill was already failed at the time of the robbery started however they used its last ''momentum'' to conduct the operation. It critically differs from the NED backed Sunflower Movement in Taiwan. Moreover, the organising role ''Civil Human Rights Front'' is just a cover for 48 member parties and organisations of the opposition including NED financed parties such as Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, Hong Kong Journalists Association, Democratic Party, Civic Party, Labour Party, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions and others. Actions of six major figures of the opposition during the riot proved true narrative of the entire provocation. One is activist of Occupy Central (2014), Pan Haochao (潘浩超), the second is presenter of Declaration of Hong Kong Protesters (2019), Brian Leung (梁繼平), the third one is opposition member of legislative counsel Claudia Mo Man-ching (毛孟靜) and the other one is a leading robbery member, Cheng Chung-tai(鄭松泰), separatist agitator Joe Yeung (楊逸朗) and the leader of the separatist student organisation Students Independence Union, Chan Ka-kui Wayne (陳家駒).


1. On July 1, 2019, opposition led ''Civil Human Rights Front'' student protestors who wearing yellow helmets , black masks and black T shirts violently stormed into Legislative Counsel building during Police approved ''Peaceful Protest.'' On the contrary to the official narrative of ''Polite Protesters,'' they intruded violently Secretary room of Legislate of Counsel and ''Pro-Beijing'' party offices to steal classified documents and hard disks of their computers. One of them required other ''Polite Protesters'' to not touch anything without gloves when they stole documents and hard disks. TVB video reporter shows legislative counsel member Cheng Chung-tai(鄭松泰) instructed these ''Polite Protesters'' at the sight of intrusion. He called both police and journalist ''a dog,'' and warned the ''Polite Protesters'' to avoid them. Cheng Chung-tai(鄭松泰) used a smartphone to get location of so called ''a dog'' in the building during the 3 hour robbery.


大批示威者晚上闖入立法會大樓到處搗亂,毀壞會議廳及大批電腦及文件。今次是大樓啟用近八年來,遭受最嚴重的破壞。不過亦有立法會議員不滿,認為是警察,在立法會「擺空城計」撤退造成。 傍晚八時許,有人放懷疑白煙,將雙方入夜後對峙的局面打破。不出數分鐘,有示威者持鐵通等雜物,衝破立法會其中一個出入口鐵閘。同一時間,大批示威者從其他出入口一同衝入,全面攻佔大樓。 部分人大肆破壞,擊毀電子顯示屏、立法會標誌,弄爛閉路電視。原先在大堂駐守警員不見蹤影。 示威者用鐵籠車撞爛電子出入閘門,入圖書館,以及經常有學校帶團來參觀的兒童溫習室。部分人又攻入辦公室,文件、電腦及滅火筒都是他們的目標。 有示威者轉上一樓進入立法會會議廳,其中一個目標是主席位置及特區區徽,在區徽上「中華人民共和國」的字上被噴漆,撕毀多本《基本法》,示威者一度開傘遮蓋自己容貌。 示威者又在會議廳掛上多條橫額,有在現場的立法會議員,不滿整個過程不見有警察在場。 工黨新界東議員張超雄表示:「要清場的話,(警方)多大場面都清到,今日竟然不斷退縮,最後在立法會擺『空城計』,引大家入來,撞甚麼都不理你,任你喜歡怎樣就怎樣,這個景象是警方特地『放水』造成。」 立法會會議廳外,回歸後三位立法會主席,包括范徐麗泰、曾鈺成和梁君彥的相,被示威者破壞,只剩下相框留在地上。 今次是立法會大樓啟用近八年來,第一次被示威者佔據,歷時約三個多小時。(1)




The major threat to our communities is Facebook’s dictatorship and its biased censorship! We have too many proofs for this statement. Facebook is the one who threats users’ safety and not welcoming everyone. Everyone should unwelcome Facebook’s violations against our human rights. Zuckerberg’s company faces investigations from the European Union, the FBI, the FTC, the SEC and the US Department of Justice.

Facebook violates Human Rights! Facebook destroys freedom of expression!

Facebook is a cyber rouge state that does not follow Community Standards of Human Rights and Laws. Facebook is a commercial dictatorship, surveillance capitalism that it threats, warns, bans, blocks, restricts, shadowbans, deletes, disables, unpublishes, hides, manipulates pages, news feeds, comments, posts, spying on users, leaks, sells our privacies, allows fake accounts for manipulation, promotes regime change, riots, political conflicts, terrorism and Zionism, systematically oppresses users with authorities, promotes US imperialism, terrorism, hatreds, political, religious, sexual and racial discriminations for their commercial sponsors and establishments who are highly hostile to who oppose their imperial business greed, disinformation and misdeeds. Moreover, these negative actions won’t occur for pro US establishment, pro Facebook business interest users. DOUBLE STRANDARD is its feature.

Furthermore, everything done by Facebook above mentioned is extremely one sided and without any talks. NO TALKS, NO COMMUNICATION, NO EXPLANATION while Facebook does these violations and crimes against humanity.

Facebook of “favoring mainstream sources and silencing alternative voices.”

“We have a responsibility to protect your data,” went Zuckerberg in a statement, “and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you.”

I agree with Zuckerberg on this issue. Exactly you don’t deserve to serve us. There are too many testimonies for this. For example, PURGE of dissident voices!

The company of attempting to suppress dissenting voices that refuse to toe the corporate line.

“The massive shutdown affected many progressive sites devoted to covering war, police brutality, and other issues neglected by the corporate media. ”

“After Facebook announced on October 10 that it shut down and removed hundreds of pages and accounts that it vaguely accused of spreading “spam” and engaging in “inauthentic behavior,” some of the individuals and organizations caught up in the social media behemoth’s dragnet disputed accusations that they were violating the platform’s rules and raised alarm that Facebook is using its enormous power to silence independent political perspectives that run counter to the corporate media’s dominant narratives. ”

While it is reasonable to assume that some of the more than 800 total pages and accounts shut down by Facebook were engaged in overtly fraudulent behavior—such as the use of fake accounts and bots to generate ad revenue—numerous independent media outlets that cover a wide array of issues say they were swept up in the massive purge despite never using such tactics.

This is a dance of confused ends and mistrustful glances, mixed with occasional moments of misplaced adoration. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame has never been an empathetic sort and his testifying before the US Congress has done nothing to dispel that assessment. That stands to reason: the least sociable of types, the most awkward of individuals in engaging with beings, creates the most networked social creation on the planet. In doing so, he becomes the president and promoter of surveillance capitalism, its chief priest and sovereign.

So once government regulators begin regulating speech on the Internet, where will it end?

Will everything that we do on the Internet have to be evaluated for “truthiness” before it is allowed to be posted? And who decides what the “truth” actually is?



Ruling Class's Bipartisan Support to both 'pro-Beijing' and 'oppositions' is a main cause of Hong Kong citizens' political blindness and stagnation. HK needs the 'not castrated' extradition bill. It is not the castrated bill for protecting economic criminals and political criminals. The 6.12 Riot killed the possible option of the most thorough extradition bill which Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce opposes. Hong Kong ruling class is good at political pro wrestling.



【重要】 堵塞市民真正正確路徑的政治把戲:為了地產商盲撐或盲反都是錯的。

香港的統治階級是由四大地產商以及香港總商會,中華總商會等六大商會所代表的資本階級, 尤其以地產商為最主要的統治階級。國內外左派勢力往往以反中共的偏見,自動化地將中共與港府視為一同,結局最忽視的是香港本身的統治階級與其利益代表的港府。


從一地兩檢(2018年9月4日),明日大嶼(2018年10月10日),逃犯條例修訂(2019年3月29日) 的議題爭議中,建制派與反對派彼此批判其地產商的支持,但雙方都是地產商的利益代表。香港統治階級資助和支持建制派與反對派雙方。


地產商最大的利潤來自於租貸,而不是直接的土地買賣,土地仍然是由政府租借的狀態,真正土地擁有者是從港英時代以來一直都是港府。反對派往往高喊反地產霸權,不過反對土地供應的增加明顯是有助於租貸價格的升高。同時,建制派也同樣高喊反地產霸權,也沒有人否認地產霸權的,房地產市場的壟斷, 但是建制派的支持團隊包含地產商,甚至於地產商也參與像明日大嶼的增加土地供應的計畫。地產商如此確保該計畫中的發展工程,其租貸業務,管理業務,以及私人樓房的買賣。結局就是肯定和反對都對地產商有利。




Telegram社交群組「公海總谷」發動的,香港612金鐘「反送中」佔領暴動的主張與逃犯條例修訂的去勢案本身的內容嚴重自相矛盾。該案已經不是什麼送中,也不是為了什麼政治犯的移交。 這場暴動是歐美台灣支援的佔中,旺暴的顏色革命翻版,可謂佔中旺暴2.0。主要目的是為了去勢的逃犯條例修訂案造勢,製造中共被迫接受該去勢案的同時,建制派與統治階級扮演調解者角色可以獲得中共的信賴,一舉兩得的政治把戲。這也合乎為了貿易戰造成社會動盪與交涉條件的美帝的外交利益。我們所看到的是香港統治階級及其兩派,港府與美帝的政治把戲,政治秀。其整體的本質是反中反共,同時服務香港統治階級與歐美帝國主義。法律是制約政府能夠如何干預社會活動的。該去勢案的通過最大限度合乎香港統治階級的利益。逃犯天堂依然不會變。這場騷動不僅迫使中共接受去勢案,也提高香港統治階級合作的政治價格。甚至,也為美帝造成貿易戰上的交涉條件。


1. 香港最大,最主要的商業帝國是地產業。四大地產商是指長江實業,新世界,新鴻基, 恆基兆業。(2)

2. 香港最大資本家體現反共的本質以及現實主義的機會主義的典型態度。其中,香港首富,最大資本家李嘉誠是英國情報單位認可的極端反共人士。2018年9月英國檔案處最新解密一份1987年的李嘉誠檔案,揭示和黃歐洲大班Lord Derwent在致英政府密函中,直指李嘉誠強烈反共(he is violently anti-communist of course);英國外交部香港處當時也形容,李嘉誠雖與北京關係良好,但他做生意時還是會忠於自己。1987年英國之行過後,被形容「反共」的李嘉誠,於1989年1月獲英女王頒授CBE勳銜。解密檔案曾經披露,1989年3月李嘉誠再與戴卓爾夫人會面,談到國籍問題,表明希望投資英國換取英籍,戴卓爾夫人親自指示下屬跟進。檔案載有一封Lord Derwent寫給時任貿易及工業大臣Lord Young的信。信中除提到李嘉誠白手興家外,亦談及他和北京的關係。Derwent指李很着重華人身分並感到自豪,但強調他「當然是強烈地反共(he is violently anti-communist of course)」,又指他對北京官僚「評價甚低(pretty low opinion)」。3個月後,北京發生六四事件。英方最終亦為港人的居英權另作安排。現時未有檔案披露李嘉誠最終有否申請英籍。Lord Derwent指出,李嘉誠絕對是現實主義者(total realist),他可與中國高層保持良好關係,甚至在家鄉汕頭捐錢起一所大學,又和當局緊密合作。(3)李嘉誠當時批判中共在六四天安門事件上的態度。申請英國居住權是為了保護他的資產。香港地產,統治階級頭銜對中共官僚的又反共,又現實主義的態度就是香港統治階級依然如故的本質。






► 准地產商「公私合營」農地起樓

► 研究設新政策局統籌房屋與土地政策

► 考慮調整公私營房屋六四比



4. 參與和推動「明日大嶼」的建制派組織成立的團結香港基金,持分者都是發展商、地產商。團結香港基金領頭人為全國政協副主席董建華,其他理事背景分別為恒基兆業地產集團、新世界發展有限公司、恒隆集團有限公司、世茂集團、瑞安集團和信和集團等。香港主要的地產商參與了反地產霸權的明日大嶼計畫。所謂反地產霸權口號如此嚴重自相矛盾。(4)



5.保安局於2019 年 4 月 3 日向立法會提交《2019 年逃犯及刑事事宜相互法律協助法例(修訂)條例草案》。 其內容是為商界以及美帝顏色革命勢力去勢的。排除了政治犯,逃稅犯,網路犯罪,甚至只有最高人民檢察院才能提出已交申請,排除了地方法院,最糟的是排除了未滿徒刑七年的犯罪。目前,佔中,雨傘,旺暴等政治暴動的罪犯都基本上被排除在外了。所謂反送中的口號嚴重與去勢後的修訂案自相矛盾。(5)



6. 代表所有香港資本階級的香港總商會,中華總商會等六大商會不僅包含主要地產商,更重要的是他們在保安局於2019 年 4 月 3 日的修訂案公布之前已表態,並大力支持去勢後的修訂案。此舉證明了該去勢是主要受商界的影響,甚至4月發表的修訂更加去勢了。香港統治階級憂慮的原來不是香港治安,而是商界本身被移交的恐懼。去除商界犯罪是他們最大關心的事,也是需要反送中騷動來矇騙和恐嚇市民的動機。市民本來爭取最正確的,最完整的逃犯條例的需求如此被扭曲。商界目的是剔除商界犯罪。在反送中前,直接親自推動去勢的不是反對派,而是統治階級,港府以及建制派。(6)



此外,另一個主要的統治階級的商會,最大商會,香港總商會也一樣向港府施壓了。促進的是比中華總商會更加去勢的逃犯條例修訂案。據2019年5月27日明報的報導【逃犯條例】總商會促須中央最高機構提出引渡 罪行刑期7年以上方可移交,


政府提出修訂《逃犯條例》,引發廣泛爭議。飯店發展和經營商Harilela Group夏雅朗擔任主席的香港總商會中的跨國公司不被視為外國勢力?那時荒謬絕倫!美帝與歐洲帝國主義滲透和發動顏色革命是為了讓其跨國企業壟斷當地市場和資源。政治作戰是為了其跨國企業本身的利益。所謂外國勢力,,理所當然地包含在當地運作的跨國企業。





- 明報 (7)



7. 中華總商會的成員包括行政會議成員兼建制派議員民建聯主席李慧琼。香港總商會的副主席則為地產商長江實業李澤鉅,永和實業有限公司 董事長林健鋒 等人。建制派最大黨也是地產代表,支持層也是地產商集團。建制派也是地產利益代表。李澤鉅同時擔任香港總商會副主席以及香港特別行政區行政長官創新及策略發展顧問團成員。林健鋒同時擔任行政會議成員兼經民聯立法會議員。 地產商滲透了政黨,商會以及政府機構。香港有六個主要商會代表統治階級,即香港總商會、中華總商會、廠商會、香港工業總會、中華出入口商會及地產建設商會。其中最大的是香港總商會,此次逃犯條例修案也按照他們的要求去勢了,並且他們利用反送中暴動來阻礙市民真正需要的,完整的逃犯條例的念頭。












-香港文匯報記者 鄭治祖 (11)

【評語】 如上所述, 地產商不僅連任何一個立法會議員選舉都滲透,也貫穿了最大商會,最大政黨,以及港府機構。冠名為反地產霸權的「明日大嶼」也是由地產商推動和完成的。甚至,逃犯條例修訂案的去勢也是由地產霸權滲透的兩大商會,即中華總商會以及香港總商會促進保安局接受和推動的保護措施。沒有移交法制是它們的理想?不,他們需要以去勢的逃犯條例來剔除商界犯罪以及為他們發動暴亂的反對派的犯罪。目前香港統治階級成立了去勢後的修訂案,反送中根本與此自相矛盾,不過,統治階級的反對派之反送中將迫使中共接受商界去勢的逃犯條例修訂案,統治階級也可以叫其建制派通過立法,如此可以當香港與內地的調解者,也提高合作的價格。反對派是為了統治階級在與中共的政治交涉上創造條件,也為了美帝金主在貿易戰上攻擊中共。 作為統治階級立法工具的建制派,作為統治階級保鑣,破壞工具的反對派都不是為了市民,勞動者階級服務的。




(1) 一黨死去一黨鳴 禁獨豈能捉迷藏: accessed, June 13, 2019.

(2) 香港地產界的「四大天王」: accessed, June 13, 2019.

(3) 前和黃大班:李嘉誠強烈反共最新解封87年致英政府密函揭示: accessed, June 13, 2019.

(4) 【一件事】明日大嶼 反對填海謝世傑:利益者決定了我們的未來:隱形香港/246465/一件事-明日大嶼-



@Facebook Censorship team



Do you think you are GOD? Bigots, Lizard-faces think they themselves are GOD.



“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,”

“We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.” - - Brian Amerige, a senior Facebook engineer



#Facebook SELLS your PRIVATE conversations around the world.

They use your microphones to listen to you and your webcam to spy on you.



FB is keeping secret its criteria for deciding which content to censor. Moreover, the firm reportedly pays nearly no taxes on its considerable income.






1. FB deletes, bans, disturbs Political Opponents



a. Unfit for CrossFit, is Facebook heading for a fall?

A CrossFit diet group was temporarily deleted without warning.




b. 1 in 4 Americans & almost half of millennials deleted Facebook in wake of privacy scandals – study

Accusations that the company actively censors right-wing content have come from Republican lawmakers, and from Facebook staff themselves, particularly in the wake of the company’s decision to ban controversial figure Alex Jones from its platform last month, and its increased content-policing and anti-’fake news’ initiatives in the runup to the 2018 midterm elections.




c. No political bias at Facebook? Employee claims company suffers from liberal mob-rule

A Facebook employee has warned that the company’s liberal culture is becoming increasingly intolerant, going so far as to say that Donald Trump and other critics are right to accuse the social media giant of political bias.

Facebook and Google came under scrutiny earlier this month after what appeared to be a coordinated effort to remove right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their platforms. Jones was later suspended by Twitter. The high-profile de-platforming was followed by the mysterious disappearance of Telesur’s Facebook page. The company later reinstated the Latin American news channel’s page, claiming that it was removed in error.

Facebook has also teamed up with the NATO-funded Atlantic Council in an effort to “expose and explain falsehood online.” Under the new initiative, self-described experts from the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRL) will liaise closely with Facebook’s “security, policy and product teams” to offer “real-time insights and updates on emerging threats and disinformation campaigns from around the world.”




2. FB sells our privacy to firms

Facebook helps phone companies gather user data, including their 'creditworthiness' – report

Facebook has supplied phone companies with customers' private data without their knowledge or consent, and even helped those companies use Facebook behavior to evaluate users' creditworthiness, documents reportedly show.

The social network supplied data on location, interests, and friend groupings to phone carriers and manufacturers without users' permission – data that went far beyond mere technical specs. Users' activity on Facebook, Instagram and even Messenger was fair game for data-mining, and the platform encouraged and even assisted over 100 global telecoms to use customers' data for purposes including evaluating their creditworthiness, according to documents seen by the Intercept, which suggest the program is still going on.

Facebook also said that the data supplied to the phone companies is nothing beyond what the platform was already collecting, a rather disingenuous statement given that Facebook was caught in December sharing users' data with over 150 companies without their consent, in violation of its 2011 FTC consent decree, and is already under criminal investigation for those "partnerships" in New York. Facebook, it seems, knows its behavior is wrong – it just hopes users don't know.




3. FB promotes Terrorists

Facebook accused of promoting terrorism with auto-generated content

After five months of research, a whistleblower says Facebook allows terrorist sympathizers to thrive not only by failing to remove their accounts, but also by auto-creating celebratory videos and pages for terrorist groups.

The National Whistleblower Center in Washington (NWC) has published a 48-page comprehensive study into how Facebook neglects to curb, and even boosts, Al-Qaeda affiliated militants' outreach, arguing that Facebook's lack of action facilitates the recruitment of terrorists.

The study, conducted by an unnamed whistleblower from August through December 2018, showed that out of 3,228 accounts belonging to 'friends' of self-identified terrorists, only 30 percent were removed by the platform.



China must keep banning #Facebook for national security and freedom of expression! It needs political senatorship on the hypocritical lizard faces!



In due time, we may look back and pinpoint May 2019 as the beginning of the end for Facebook — the month that American companies began a mass exodus, logging out for good.



The NWC says it has filed a petition with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for it to "sanction Facebook for its dishonesty about terror and hate content on its website."










The new Bin Laden or Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, with the real name of Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Al-Badri, was born in Samarrai in 1971 as stated by UN Security Council. The world knows him as the leader of the biggest terrorist group ISIS these days. The one who was created and trained by US. He was arrested after US invasion of Iraq in 2005 and was moved to Camp Bucca and after 4 years of silence, his real mission called “Operation Hornets Nest” launched with supports of US, England and Israel intelligent services and Turkey’s weapon aids.



The purpose of this project was to gather terrorists from all over the world under leadership of Al-Baghdadi and train them under the supervision of Mossad. The pictures of Al-Baghdadi meeting John McCain and other American senators, Snowden documents and also pictures of him meeting heads of terrorists and intelligent groups in Turkey are proofs of US involvement. Nabil Na’eem, the leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad who was jailed in Camp Bucca stated that Americans were in power in the camp and they tortured prisoners, most of them innocents, but Al-Baghdadi was under training in the camp for special purposes and at the end he was released by a large capital.






2008 Mumbai Attacks and CIA Terrorist



US citizen David Headley, who was arrested in connection with last year's Mumbai terrorist attacks, may have been a double agent for the CIA at the time of the incident, according to US journalists.

More than 160 people were killed in the financial hub of Mumbai in three days of attacks by a group of 10 gunmen, beginning on November 26, 2008.



Headley had allegedly helped plan the attack by conducting reconnaissance missions in Mumbai.



More than two months after Pakistani-American jihadist David Headley was held in Chicago, India’s intelligence services are divided on whether they were told the whole truth about the Lashkar-e-Taiba clandestine agent’s operations.



Many in the intelligence services even suspect that the United States is less than committed to letting the whole truth be known.



Public debate has focused on claims that Headley—who served as a Drug Enforcement Administration informant after being arrested with two kg of heroin in 1988—may have been planted by US covert services inside Lashkar after his release in 2002.



“If this David Headley was working for the CIA all along, which is a very plausible conclusion,” says writer and journalist Webster Tarpley, “It means that the CIA implicated and was running and masterminding the Mumbai terror attack of 2008.”






Who is engaging in violation of freedom of expression and anti-dissident net operations in Japan?


Work place example of mass communication surveillance. Work place example of mass communication surveillance.

Regional Bureau of Telecommunications is net surveillance intelligence agency in Japan.



Finding interception points of Japanese Intelligence Agencies and its Partners


Japan’s Net Surveillance Intelligence Agency, Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (総合通信局) and its branch ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局).’


For instance, Japanese version of Wikipedia (ウィキペディア) is monitored by this bureau nationwide. And they already violated my human rights and other pro democracy dissidents’ net pages and accounts on internet for many times personally known from at least 2014 until now.



For specific SNS and sites, their anonymous accounts and dynamic IP addresses (Professional people in this field said what they show is not IP address but it's a bunch of hostnames actually. ) are used for hidden and safe net operations from camouflaged physical addresses. And no notable Japanese dissident intelligentsia mentioned the existence of this intelligence agency in Japan.


Japanese dissidents know CIA, NSA, USFJ but they don't know thier domestic intelligence agencies which monitoring them with police and prosecutor


PIN, passcode, turning off GPS, multiple IPs are all useless to prevent monitoring like this.

Intelligent friend analysed how they monitor people and breaking privacy completely.


Carnivore was completely illegal at the time of its birth


It was a stand alone PC at every ISP which tapped into the trunkline (A main telecommunications link such as a phone line directly connecting exchanges or switchboards at a considerable distance apart) and isp (internet service provider) account database to sift words and track users via thier ISP account regardless of the IP address.


The login for complete access was a simple 4 digit password, and the login screen displayed a large set of teeth and a username/password prompt.


After Carnivore they built large sifting machines, 220 processor Cray computers, which grab 10 words around any spoken or transmitted keyword, and determine the use by context. "thats the bomb" and "i have a bomb" take different data routes.


On a use by context hit, the data is sent to a sifting station, generally well hidden office in public places, with lots of parking (they put pillow cases over their heads when you go in) the people working at these sites accept hits and determine if they are indeed legitimate, or just someones book report on nuclear arms etc.


The list of keywords is extensive and contains many names taken from childrens shows which are used to name black ops projects ie. Dark Smurf (not a complete keyword) or names like Dark Coder. (it is unwise to speak this name) Once an agent identifies a positive hit, they can place a "watch" on the person.


At that point everything in your life is monitored. Camera hits, atm withdrawals and pretty much any interaction you have with the world. The intelligence computers integrate with Ships navigational computers, with MS (Microsoft) windows, all router brands and all cellphones without the users knowledge.


If you are extremely unlucky you will receive a google update on your phone containing a "roving bug" (Hotmilking a phone; Using A SmartPhone As a Listening Device) this is aside from what is already embedded in our phones by a company named Wirehound.


The japanese have no clue, that every picture taken on a global basis is scanned for faces. If you take a selfie with someone near the top of the list, your GPS turns itself on, and uploads the photos, location and full contents of your phone using machine language code hardwired into the actual chips.


Hacking your phone does not grant access to apps permanently embedded in this ROM (read only memory) area. I could get a lot more technical here, with the way they see straight through PGP (an email encryption program) encryption and scan encrypted words as if they were plain text.


Basicly the sifters contain universal keys which provide a pre encrypted pattern to search for. The most secure software in the world can be cracked in seconds lol and whomever wrote this article was a complete noob, asking for alot of trouble by posting an interception sites location.


They may have great misfortune secondly these are NOT ip addresses, they are hostnames which can't be taken by any website by asking for the host variable.


My system lies, and also reports the useragent variable of my choice.. telling systems I am running windows, or an ipad or anything I choose. I can also change these on my phone.


As far as tracking goes. Currently you are tracked for life, and this information is stored indefinitely inside Iron Mountain. You can be followed by your watch, your headphones, your cars ECM(Engine Control Module), or any other devices you may have.


Scanners use GPS, Wifi activity, Bluetooth, 3G, and NFC to identify and track phones everywhere they go. This is a clueless article. Would you like to see a scan using my phone?



whomever wrote this article has a rude awakening coming.


There is NO privacy, if you want privacy then lock yourself in a vault with no clothes on. (GPS wafers (a thin piece of something) are sewn into the lapels (the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat and commonly found on formal clothing and suit jackets) of army uniforms, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) uniforms, and are hidden everywhere. Even your car drives around saying "Im here" hahahahaha


The best analysis by my intelligent community friend is quite professional and helpful to understand the current telecommunication monitoring and signal intelligence operations.


My main aim is not only analyse the interception points hidden in the internet chaos, but also it analyses actual black operations on internet especially in specific SNS and sites like Wikipedia.


1. Use of Camouflaged Address: ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ has been strategically located in the same building with Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). As the result, when we track their dynamic IP addresses(actually hostnames it shows), search engine only shows Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). It is one of interception points of IP adresses and telecommunications in Tokyo. It actually camouflaged its actual address from online IP search. Furthermore, its building is next to the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau (東京法務局) and Tokyo District Prosecutors Office (東京地方検察庁). Their tight political co-operators on black operations agaisnt dissidents.


2. Co-operators of Net operations: Their dynamic IP addresses (actually hostnames) also pointing JP Tower (JPタワー) where two information industrial giants Salesforce.comCo. (株式会社セールズフォース•ドットコム) and Net One Systems Co., Ltd. (ネットワンシステムズ株式会社) located in one building. The entire JP Tower is the HQ address of Net One Systems Co., Ltd. which is the major co-operator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and its ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ . For instance, their CISCO system and Salesforce system are integrated into major companies' tele-communication operations in Japan and business net operations. And their major client is the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) who the ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ belongs to. Their flase flagger always uses dynamic IP (hostname) addresses between the two locations. Two interception points in major IP addresses, telecommunication-circulated area in Tokyo.


3. Use of dynamic IP addresses/ hostnames (可変IP) which connected with smartphone:


a. ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ dynamic IP address(actually a hostname) They used a smartphone(iPhone) at Japan time 10:43 pm. for Surveillance. The dynamic IP address (hostname) shows below:



Then, we tracked their more detailed geographic information. Closing up into the building, you can see who is located inside of the Chiyoda-ku Public Library (千代田図書館) and Chiyoda Ward Office(千代田区役所). Although the 9th floor provides free wifi-service, the library working time is between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. And the working time of Chiyoda Ward Office is only from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Further more, there are huge parking lots outside.


This host name is typical of iphone, it is used for Internet connection of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. "" Ltd. in Japan, and its share is about 6%. In Tokyo alone, half of the entire IP addresses in Japan concentrated, and Tokyo has about 100 million IP addresses. And, with IP address, numbers are concentrated in Chiyoda Ward, which is overcrowded, after Shinjuku. In order to determine the position information probabilistically, the position information of the Tokyo metropolitan area with the largest population is judged. (1)

Note: The problem dealt with is the geographical relationship between the existence of intelligence agencies and the fact that these line connections are concentrated here and JPTower.


No one can imagine there is an intelligence agency inside of the ward office and library building.



日本〒102-0074 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kudanminami, 1 Chome−2, 〒102-8795 11 九段第3 合同庁舎22・23階

〒102-0074 東京都千代田区九段南1丁目2〒102-8795 11 九段第3 合同庁舎22・23階


b. Co. (株式会社セールズフォース•ドットコム) and Net One Systems Co., Ltd. (ネットワンシステムズ株式会社)

They also frequently used dynamic IP addresses (hostnames) at JP Tower. For example, which used to false flag Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa who is an economist of Japan, a victim of famous false flag operations against him by pro establishment police and prosecutors.


Those who engage in net work black operations utilize the host name of the variable IP via the building of JP Tower in Chiyoda Ward. The building there is exactly the one that introduces the largest information communication monitoring system in Japan of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Network Corporation. It is confirmed that the same agent access via this place mainly comes and goes between their hostnames as well as Chiyoda ward office building. Actually, this building itself is the head office address of Net One Systems Co., Ltd., which is a major technical partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and its comprehensive communication bureau.


It is via this JP Tower that there are many accesses in the morning, daytime and working hours, and it will also appear in the middle of the night via the building with the Kanto Communication Bureau with the Chiyoda Ward Office. The point is that connections via these two buildings that are closest to intelligence agencies are concentrated strategically.




日本〒100-0005 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi, 2 Chome−2−7-2 JP Tower is HQ address of Net One Systems which is main technical provider of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) . Inside of it, other contributor Salesforce located. JPタワー12階, 2 Chome-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 100-7012日本


In general, they actually used these dynamic IPs/hostnames to engage in each black ops case on SNS, sites.


Basically, they accessed via JP tower where the best intelligence ops partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (総務省) and ‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局) located. It's geographical coincidence is not an accident of mother nature.


I shall list up some of dynamic IPs (hostnames) they used.( Communications Corporation(NTT is not located at JP Tower):This Marunouchi means it gained dynamic IP (hostname) via JPTOWER.


The same agent sometimes used below:

Sapporo City Government building( Communications Corporation:

Tomakomai 日本〒060-0001 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Kita 1 Jōnishi, 2 Chome−1-7


Part of Aomori city( Communications Corporation:

Aomori 4 Chome-10 Okidate, Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken 038-0002日本


Hodogaya Ward Office Building(

日本〒240-0007 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Hodogaya-ku, Myōjindai, 3, 神奈川県横浜市保土ケ谷区明神台48保土ケ谷都市緑地3号


Others, but used the same hostename .


There are more than that. It's enough to have dynamic IPs (hostnames) that used by them for black ops. Abuse of human rights, false flag operations against dissidents and pro democracy activists are not tolerable.


It shows technical and business connection between Net One Systems Co., Ltd. and Regional Bureau of Telecommunications below:




They rented LAN network devices from their favourite company.

It shows that Net One Systems Co., Ltd. is the major technical cooperator than Salesforce. However, major client of Salesforce still is the same, Regional Bureau of Telecommunications. Reading the LAN network device here reminds me of the analysis below.


▼ There were three things related to the communication business in what the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currently absorbed and integrated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) was doing.

Currently it is work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

1. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication International Strategy Bureau's "STARS" ( complete version of phone number ledger)

2. "PARTNER" (database of illegal acquisition information) of the Information Distribution Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

3. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "DEURAS-D" (cell phone information acquisition)

1. It is easy to create a full version of the phone book. 3. Management of mobile phone number. What I want to make as a question is "2. Database of illegal acquisition information".

This original purpose is to support the implementation of radio station supervising affairs such as radio station application etc., processing, radio usage fee collection, frequency management etc. promptly and efficiently.

That is a good thing. However, once it was used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for good reasons. This is my motive for becoming doubtful and starting to investigate.

In fact, there is a high possibility that illegal communication monitoring is carried out. The principal target seems to be very extensively monitored, such as the Prime Minister and other ministers of the Cabinet, parliamentarians and lawmakers, business managers and celebrities.

In particular, by monitoring the mobile phone, it is possible to use the contents of the call (conversation sound), call history, and position information (it is about 30 ㎡ when considered on the scale on the map, so it is roughly specified by the interval of one utility pole) It's acquiring personal information illegally. Moreover, it is in a form that avoided the tone ringer (calling / ringing tone) circuit. It avoids Torn Ringer, you will not hear bell sounds, so you will not notice.

The only exception is the IP phone case, in this case it can be distinguished from the communication LED. In mobile phones it is undiscriminable unless you use electric field strength meter, it is very malignant.

In short, legitimate mobile phones and fixed phones are transformed into illegal "eavesdropping devices" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The important thing is that the current Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (for former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) has established a system that can illegally monitor up to individuals and households in addition to the above.

In the first place, the database "PARTNER" of the illegal acquisition information had the data center set up at the present Azabu post office. This is described on the 2nd page of "Comprehensive Radio Station Management System" leaflet which is stored in the National Diet Library Digital Collection.

"PARTNER" builds various databases related to radio stations and utilizes the database to support the implementation of radio station supervising affairs such as radio station application processing, radio fee collection, frequency management, etc. promptly and efficiently It is a system to do. It consists of eleven local departments nationwide, mainly of the Iikura Center, and a network of the ministry.

Quote source:

The Iikura Center was also the current post office in Azabu and was also the headquarters building of the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The time when the data center was set up in this office building will be before and after the postal privatization riot. It is thought that it is very high that it is currently in use.


Here, the whole is outlined not only as a specific monitoring operation method but also as a monitoring system.


In this monitoring system, monitoring and black operations against the dissidents are carried out in collaboration with the police and prosecutors.


There is news that proves tight connection between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Net One Systems Co., Ltd.. That is the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications recognised Net One Systems Co., Ltd. as the best contributor in the tele-network field in Japan with the award 100 Tele-Work Pioneers Selection, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award in 2017.





Cited from Cited from




The major client of Salesforce is the same with Net One Systems.

Well, let's continue to introduce a typical case demonstrating the most prominent malignant nature of slander in the net by the variable IPs (hostnames).




Their silly and hypocrite false flagger re-added false information to demonise Mr. Uekusa. Further see the below:




‘Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (関東総合通信局)’ belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(総務省), and one of branches of Regional Bureau of Telecommunications they are monitoring entire network, radio and outer space mass communications in Ibaragi, Tochigi, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures. The headquarters and the monitoring department have been moved to buildings of Chiyoda ward office and Chiyoda library from 2007, and are conducting surveillance work. Apart from their monitoring activities themselves, they use variable IP (hostnames) consistently for individual networking black ops on sites like SNS and Wikipedia. Access to this surveillance work and net work is from the building of the Chiyoda ward office and the Chiyoda library where the Kanto Communication Bureau is located, the head office building with the major tele-communication partner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Net One Systems Co., Ltd.. They are connected via the two most convenient monitoring centers, interception points for them, via Chiyoda ward office building and JP Tower, and are engaged in monitoring and black ops.


In Japan, the intelligence agency in Japan which intercepts communication information illegally on endless and unlimited land and outer space, and it engages in the black ops on political dissidents that is a comprehensive monitoring station, its headquarters and monitoring department location mentioned above. It is the monitoring station of Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications located. Its 'official' work is permission and approval of radio waves, but it does not recognize a part of their monitoring work as follows, but it expresses as if wrapped in a blind oblaat.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kanto Regional Comunication Bureau, before the holding of the Japan - China - South Korea - Summit Meeting and other related meetings, held the director meeting from the 7th to 11th May, setting up Communication disturbance countermeasure implementation headquarters "to strengthen the radio wave monitoring system.



In preparation for the occurrence of interference and radio disturbance to important wireless communications such as police and fire-fighting radio, air radio, railway radio etc. at the Japan-China-Korea summit talks and related meetings to be held in Tokyo from May 8 to 11, We will strengthen the radio monitoring system on a 24-hour basis. - Kantou Regional Bureau of Telecommunications


Cited from 2018年5月7日(月)付ニュースより





HK Intelligence Report



Hong Kong's worst political problem is colonialist judges that protecting ex-colonial political forces under the name of democracy. US-UK imperialists firmly infiltrated Hong Kong's law regulation system by ex-colonial judges and importing foreign judges.



NOYDA was successfully demobilised by citizens' efforts against US imperialism in 2018.



NED-Asian Colour Revolutionary Network, Network of Young Democratic Asians NOYDA (亞洲青年民主網絡,亞洲青年民主陣線,亞洲青年民主連線)



NED-funded Taiwan Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Việt Tân VOICE, SFT and the student group SEALDs from Japan reached agreement to establish international fake-grass-roots-movement network for future joint-operations at Manilla gathering in April 2016!




NED=NDI=USAID=CIA mentioned in the document so called '2012 Strategy Document,' NED is going to establish cross-regional networks of activists which including recruit of young people.

See the document:



在NED的「2012 Strategy Document」中,NED的重要目標之一,就是建立跨境激進分子網絡,當中年輕人便是計劃的主要構成部分。'' See more:



Note: Hong Kong's NED fund was done via Hong Kong-based NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs), Solidarity Centre (SC) and Freedom of Information. The fund has been continued after the failed Umbrella Revolution. For instance, in 2015, NDI Hong Kong claimed:






Thus, that Manila conference 2016 was part of the NED strategy. In this international context, you can correctly understand the political phenomenon in your country or region. Protect your true democratic social movement and nation from the infill traitors who manipulated by imperialists. This is exactly the true enemy called, 'stealth imperialism' that under-oppressed people of the world have fought for decades since World War 2.



分析レポート(Analysing Report):



日本のSEALDs (the present name:ReDEMOS / 未来のための公共)は、全米民主主義基金NEDの人工芝運動である。ただ、日本では反体制派全体の内からの統制という他国とは別の側面が主要である点に留意する必要がある。NEDとは、CIAの代理で国務省の意向で標的国、地域の政治的不安定化を惹起し、その外交目的を達するために、NGOなど民間団体を組織し、資金援助し大衆工作を行う機関である。JICA国際協力事業団は、日本における全米民主主義基金NEDのパートナーである。






Analysing Report:



Japan’s SEALDs (ReDEMOS/Public 4 Future) is a NED-funded Fake Grass Roots Movement. However, its function especially differs from others due to Japanese specific situation that mostly manipulated political establishment by US just only needs fully control of dissidents via infiltrators, such as SEALDs. NED is an organization that funded and guided by State Department to disturb and manipulate targeted countries or regions by organising and funding mainly NGOs to conduct its mass operations. NED functions as a kind of subsidiary of CIA.



See William Blum's Source:



See the continuous of SEALDs, Public 4 Future URL:


Easy Reference:全米民主主義基金



事実関係:カラー革命、アラブの春、台湾ひまわり運動、香港傘革命、ベトナム/フィリピンVOICE 、チベットのSFT反中運動などが、全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)に、資金援助されその人工芝運動を実施してきたことは大方周知の事実である。






Facts: As a matter of fact, Color Revolution, Arab Spring, Taiwan Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Vietnam and Philippine Anti-China Movement VOICE, SFT (Students for a Free Tibet) are funded by NED.



本年4月上旬(4月7日、8日)から中旬にフィリピンのマニラで全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)が支援する東アジアのこれらの人工芝運動の代表達が初めて集い、活動報告を行い、未来の国際的な合作とネットワーク化に合意した。



NED funded fake grass roots group leaders gathered together in Manilla in Philippine in this April 2016. At the first conference, they did not only reporting their activities for each other, then they also reached an agreement to establish international network for their future complexed international operations.



評価:全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)の支援するこれらの人工芝運動団体の組織と迎合、協調する組織も、彼らと合作する個人、組織も全体として全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)の勢力を構成する。



Calculation: In general, all units, groups and organizations that follow them, connect with them, cooperate with them are part of NED groups and its schemes.



Article about the Manilla Gathering:



この会合の表向きの主催者団体は、ベトナムに拠点を持ち、全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)にファンドされて反政府、反中活動を行っているVOICEというNGOである。しかも、VOICEは同じく全米民主主義基金NEDにファンドされて反政府テロに従事しているViettanと関連した組織である。それは、しかもフィリピンに支部を持っており、フィリピンの反中で

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