National O-40 Tour Championships
The weekend of Dec. 2-3, the Westchester Table Tennis Center will award more than $12,000 in prizes in a special event -- the National Over-40 Table Tennis Tour Championships.

This is the culmination of 14 over-40 tournaments held across the U.S. in 2016-17. And it's a prelude to the 19th World Veterans Championships, which will take place in Las Vegas in June.

The championship this weekend has two parts. The first is a Giant Snake Ladder, with initial matches held on Saturday. The Round of 16 and single-elimination playoffs will take place on Sunday. To be eligible, a player must be a U.S. citizen and meet one of these three criteria:

• Having won one of the 14 previous tournaments on the Tour;
• Having competed in any two previous tournaments on the Tour; or
• Payment of an extra $250 fee.

First prize is $3,000. Second is $1,500. Cash is awarded through 16th place.

Special age events on Sunday:

• Over 40
• Over 40 + Under 1800
• Over 50
• Over 50 + Under 1800
• Over 60
• Over 60 + Under 1800
• Over 70
• Over 70 + Under 1800
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