Our Nursery at Doodle Country
This area is set up specifically for moms and their puppies :) There are areas inside for 5 moms and their litters. Each of those smaller areas consist of 3 different rooms, all with heated floors to keep mom and puppies toasty warm :) .. One of those smaller areas is for just the older puppies when they start having their own food....the puppies can get in that room where just their food is kept... the middle section is a larger area where mom can be with her puppies. It's large enough for her to nurse and sleep with her puppies.... We have an observation window so that peek inside without disturbing the sleeping mom and puppies :) We then have an outer room where there is a doggy door, opening up into a large area with toys and ramps and slides for the puppies... Each litter of puppies has their own area to play. Inside the nursery we have areas so that we can have them playing inside with us and other families.... They get to have the sites and sounds of home when they're awake and ready to play :)
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