UMW-MERCY Malaysia Outreach Clinic, Tenom, Sabah
Country Malaysia
District Kg Kelorok, Kg Abingkoi, Tenom (Mission 5)
Province Sabah


Kg Abingkoi is situated in the district of Tenom. It takes about 3 hours’ drive from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom through the Kimanis road and another 2.5 hours’ drive from Tenom to Kg Abingkoi. The road condition after Kemabong town is gravel and narrow. It is slippery on rainy days.

The outreach clinic will also cover 4 nearby villages, namely Kg Pongolobon, Kg Korolok, Kg Ahuron, Kg Bula and Kg Kandis. Total population of these villages is 444 which consist of 89 males, 147 females, 84 boys and 124 girls.

The communities are mainly from the Murut ethnicity and are Christians. They are self-sufficient wildlife hunters, farmers and some are rubber-tappers.

Electricity – Some families own generators but most do not.
Water – From the river and rain-harvested.

The clinic will be held in the village’s pre-school building and the volunteers will stay at the same place.

The nearest clinic is at Klinik Kesihatan Kemabong which is 20km away and the villagers have to pay RM30.00 return trip to visit this Klinik Kesihatan. Emergency cases will be referred to Hospital Tenom and they will be sent by ambulance. Most of the time the villagers make their own effort to go to the hospital for further treatment.

The common ailments within the communities are:

2.Head Lice
5.Muscle Ache
11.Skin Diseases
12.Dental Problem
13.Eye Problem
1) To provide basic medical screening and treatment
2) To provide dental treatment
3) To perform pap smear test
4) To dispense reading glasses
5) To give health talk
6) To dispense hygiene kit

Among the expected outcomes:
•Delivering/implementation of preventative steps by providing the knowledge through conducting of health education and treatment
•Increasing health awareness
•Improving the quality of life of the communities
•Strengthening the relationship between MERCY Malaysia and the communities
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