Larry Goldings - organ / Peter Bernstein - guitar / Bill Stewart - drums
"Two of the best organ trios of the last decade have featured the same three players. Technically speaking, it's just one group, variously billed as the Larry Goldings Trio (on several albums) or the Peter Bernstein Trio (on a recent DVD). Consisting of Mr. Goldings on organ, Mr. Bernstein on guitar and Bill Stewart on drums, it fulfills all of the standard criteria capably and rewardingly, without trying to reinvent the wheel." by Nate Chinen - New York Times

"Here's an authentic organ trio with all the size and scope of Mount Everest, and twice the cool. Sure, there are Hammond B-3 players with more extravagant floor routines and bluster, but if they gave out medals for swing, subtlety, suppleness, sound, and soul, then Larry Goldings would wear Olympic gold. Long-time collaborators Bill Stewart on drums and Peter Bernstein on guitar round out a trinity of improvisers that operate with the free-flowing give and take, structured architecture, shifting tempo, and varied dynamics of a good basketball team." by Chip Stern - AS ONE.
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