Favourite Images
Working in Quetico Park in the summer for twelve years gave my wife Marie and I an opportunity to observe plants, animals, and landscapes in a beautiful and unspoiled area. The beauty of our surroundings in Quetico, along with the joy of seeing our two kids grow up in the park, were my inspiration to begin to seriously take photos in 1976. I decided to buy a camera with interchangeable lenses so I could take slides of wildlife using a telephoto lense and closeups of flowers with a macro lens.
Family, and an interest in nature, got me started in photography but then I surprised myself by becoming interested in photographing buildings, bridges, ships, tunnels and other man-made objects in Thunder Bay and other places we visited. The discovery of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography allowed me to create realistic images with more details in shadow and highlight areas than what is found in any one photo but is similar to what we can see with our eyes.
I became fascinated in trying to take exciting photos of cross country skiing after having University students, primarily cross country ski racers, live in our basement after our two kids left for University. With age and a lessening ability to take extensive canoe, snowshoe or hiking excursions I also began to concentrate on photographing flowers and lichens in the area around our cabin north of Quetico Park.
My photography has benefited by observing and learning from David Hansen, a long time friend and former journalism and photography professor in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and from Joseph Marohnic, a talented photographer from Atikokan, Ontario.
My primary inspiration has always been my family. My wife Marie, followed by our son Leif and daughter Anna, were both subjects and inspiration. Now I am especially energized by my four incredible grandchildren. For them, my friends and others interested in my images, I have gathered together some of my favourite photos.
Jon Nelson
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