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UFA Umbani Multi Role Fighter | by A Brick Interest
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UFA Umbani Multi Role Fighter

Designed during the Bush War to allow the UFA to combat both the insurgent threat while also competing with the advancements made in Eurasia, the Umbani is considered to be one of the best examples of why the UFA has the greatest arms industry in the world. The plane is relatively untested in fighter on fighter combat but had its first real test during Operation Cetshwayo where it performed exceptionally well against the older Eurasian Models operating in Africa. After this the Umbani was once again tested when the UAPR invaded Egypt. While still performing its bombing roles well the sheer expense of the plane caused UFA high command to stop its deployment when faced with losses in the sky. Current the Umbani is being used in tactical airstrikes within the UAPR and in South East Asia. Due to its high performance NATO allies such as the EFU, Oceania, and the USA have all made orders for the plane and it is expected to be a staple in the NATO air fleet in coming decades.



this is a plane Toby and I built while I was there in NYC, as you can tell Toby did a lot hahaha

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Uploaded on January 10, 2022