Margaret Elodie Lestrade - J.I.D. Amy
Margaret Elodie Leastrade is the elder daughter of Gregory Lestrade. She's 14 years old, a bit of a prankster and dearly loves her little sister Kathrine and quickly adopted her stepsister Emma and Emma's Cousin, Oliver.

She should have been the third joining my crew, as I had already orderer BID Bonnie for Emma and I chose Honey Delf Pie as Oliver, but I discovered last Saturday (November 8th, 2014) that a dear friend of mine who is in the hobby was selling the EXACT mold I had chosen for Margaret. By chance, we already had a meeting arranged for the following day and she brought me the doll. I got to play with her a bit - helped by my sister who borrowed me the black and red dress and the dark brown wig and eyes - and decided to keep her.

She is now more than welcome in my home, I found a nice place - dark and cool and protected from my dogs - where she can stay when I don't play with her.
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