Food Science Camp 2015
We were so excited to host our second Food Science Camp this past summer (July 2015)!

Over our 5 day camp, campers learned about microbiology, food composition, food chemistry, and food security/insecurity.

They participated in hands-on labs, including lollipop-making, ingredient substitution through cake recipes, micro-brewing root beer, our "store explore" activity (where students taste-test products they see in the grocery store everyday, and get to compare them to their favorite products!), and Aubie Dot making!

They also toured Whitfield Foods, and saw how products are developed, made, packaged, and distributed. Their tour of the East Alabama Food Bank gave them insight into food needs in our area, while they participated in packaging meals!

These students were so fun. They asked amazing questions, participated in every lab experience with excitement and had us laughing all week long.
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