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Considering 1-to-1: Here's a Toolkit to Get Started

I started this post on my laptop, but ran out of power. There'll be more here soon - when I get back to the blogger cafe. For now, here's a picture and some notes beginning in media res...


higher parent participation because of orientations at the school


TIP toolkit


TIP factors - do before

TIPS for success - lessons learned


sheesh... crazy slides w a bazillion bullets


Good... these tips seem very familiar based on my experience and reading so far. Frankly, though its hard to focus on all of it during an implementation... what is the KEY to stakeholder buyin (the #1 factor)


Principals need time, too! (And parents)


Have a PLAN for staff turnover.


Naturally, curriculum integration and pedagogical support is at least as important as tech support.


Good - they recommend student tech

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Taken on June 25, 2007