Museum Ship Huascar
The second oldest armored ship afloat
The "Huáscar" was commissioned by the government of Perú in 1864. It was designed by Captain Cowper Coles, built by Lairds Brothers in England, and launched in 1865.

This ship is an ironclad turret ship. It was a light, fast and very maneuverable ship by the standards of that time. Its main artillery consisted of a revolving tower with two guns, but also it was equipped with a spur, very effective against the wooden ships (that were the most common ships at that time).

The "Huáscar" had an outstanding participation in the War of the South Pacific (1879-1884), being the flagship of the Peruvian fleet, she was commanded by Admiral Miguel Grau.

The "Huáscar" had in check the Chilean fleet for several months, operating in isolation, attacking where it was least expected, seriously hindering the logistics operations of the Chilean navy. Admiral Grau always behaved like a gentleman, for example in the naval battle of Iquique, after Huáscar sank the Chilean corvette "Esmeralda", he was concerned to rescue all the shipwrecked Chilean sailors.

Finally, in the naval battle of Angamos, the "Huáscar" was intercepted by the complete Chilean fleet, that surpassed it extensively, in spite of that its commander battled for hours and died in combat. Huáscar being seriously damaged, and incapable of fighting, his commanding officers tried to sink her so that he would not be captured, but was finally boarded by the Chilean seamen and captured. Nowadays the Huáscar is located in the naval base of the Port of Talcahuano, and is a floating museum, has been carefully restored and is visited by more than 150,000 people every year.
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