A lonely iMac waits for WALL·E to collect him.

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    Can't you just see the tears on his big flat square face?

    I'm lucky I never bought an iMac when they had cute necks like this model. I never would have had the heart to toss it to the curb. It'd be in the back of my closet forever.

    Although... this person really should have brought it in for recycling. I hope for their sake they scrubbed the hard drive. :/

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    1. ELSIV 90 months ago | reply

      I'd love to have one of those.

    2. Waël 90 months ago | reply

      what he's doing there alone!!! poor iMac

    3. tracilawson 90 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I guess I should have picked him up! Hopefully someone who has more use for him than I did so after I walked away.

    4. wlotus 90 months ago | reply

      Aww, I feel sorry for the abandoned Mac!

    5. outrageous2009 [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      The golf clubs look nice . . . .

    6. luisfersolano [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      OMG!!! I'll pick her up! iMac G4 is my fav Apple design EVER!

    7. © suomynona 90 months ago | reply

      Such a great picture and caption :)

    8. PunkElmo 90 months ago | reply

      I mean, isn't there a charity that could use an imac? or a girl scout troop? ;)
      http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb (?)

    9. I'm a Jedi Warrior 90 months ago | reply

      That iMac G4 isn't worth much and it may quite possibly cost more to fix than it's worth. It would make a lovely doorstop though :)

    10. tracilawson 90 months ago | reply

      It would. I took this picture a month ago, so I can't remember if there was even a power cord with him. I was running late. I barely had time to stop and snap this picture.

    11. Nick Kuijpers 90 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Apple Design, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. Nick Kuijpers 90 months ago | reply

      Dear god, what's that little guy doing over there?!

    13. tracilawson 90 months ago | reply

      Heh. Yeah. People in certain neighborhoods of New York throw away the most amazing things.

    14. Sikachu! 89 months ago | reply

      This is so sad :(

    15. burningpaper 89 months ago | reply

      Poor little Mac :(

    16. LanikaiGirl 89 months ago | reply

      'Will Compute For Food'


    17. SOBAKOVKA 88 months ago | reply

      ((( !!! )))

    18. coldcaption 87 months ago | reply

      Why didn't you take it?

    19. tracilawson 87 months ago | reply

      I have a MacBook Pro. Someone else needs that iMac more than I do. ;)

    20. jeric_hsk 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Interesting Trash, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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