FPSO World Congress 2015
The FPSO Congress is the world’s largest platform which gathers senior and key stakeholders from oil companies, vessel contractors, financiers, legal firms, shipyards, EPCs and solution providers together over 4 days annually to discuss the latest trends, projects and opportunities in the market.

2015 will mark the 16th anniversary of the world's largest FPSO World Congress in Singapore. Starting out from humble beginnings, the Congress has grown from strength to strength annually, establishing its place as the leading global platform for oil companies, vessel contractors, financiers, shipyards and industry stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the market.

2015 has proved to be a challenging year for the oil and gas industry. The drop in the price of oil has affected the FPSO market, so all stakeholders from oil companies to FPSO contractors, EPCs, and equipment providers will need to work together to find ways to weather the storm.

However it is not all bad news- the current crisis has also provided the industry with a good opportunity to re-examine their foundations, and find mutually beneficial, innovative and sustainable business models to deliver cost-effective and efficient projects in the future.

The 16th FPSO World Congress will provide delegates with the platform to discuss these key changes, with the main theme this year of weathering the storm. The plenary sessions will focus on the macro key issues, including the price of oil and what this means for the industry. The presentations and discussions will challenge delegates into re-thinking how the industry can work better on removing unnecessary costs from our projects, and delivering projects with less risk and greater certainty.
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