2017 Recognition Ceremony
With more award recipients than any other previous year, the AIBC held its 2017 Recognition Ceremony on November 23, 2017. Three iconic Architects AIBC – visionary Bing Thom, and city shapers Joost Bakker and Norm Hotson – received the prestigious AIBC Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding career-long bodies of work. AIBC volunteers who displayed significant service and dedication to the institute were also recognized at the ceremony in the Volunteer Service Category, with Architects AIBC Scott Kemp and Gordon Richards receiving the Award for Lifetime Volunteer Achievement, as well as Stefan Aepli and John Davidson receiving the CEO Award for Exceptional Volunteer Service. In addition, six AIBC Council Members whose terms have ended were honoured; Darryl Condon Architect AIBC, Mona Lovgreen Architect AIBC, David Yustin Architect AIBC, Sara Kasaei Architect AIBC, Jordan van Dijk Architectural Technologist AIBC, and Scott Kemp Architect AIBC. | Photos: Jay Shaw Photography
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