Fyodor Ushakov memorial, Corfu - Μνημείο Φιοντόρ Ουσακώφ, Κέρκυρα

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    Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov (24 February 1745 – 14 October 1817) was the most illustrious Russian naval commander and admiral of the 18th century.
    In 1798 Ushakov was promoted to full admiral and given command of a squadron which sailed to the Mediterranean via Constantinople, where it joined with a Turkish squadron. The Russian-Turkish fleet then operated under Ushakov's command in the War of the Second Coalition against France. The expedition started by conquering the Ionian islands, acquired by France the year before from the defunct Republic of Venice in the Treaty of Campo Formio. This action culminated in the siege of Corfu (1798-1799), and led to the subsequent creation of the Republic of Seven Islands.
    Source: Wikipedia

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