138 Sand Yellow / Dark Tan

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    BrickLink: Dark Tan
    Peeron: DkTan

    First used in 2002 for the Racers track system. still current and very common today.

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    1. q_159 52 months ago | reply

      Complete, with an unofficial unprinted torso :-)
      Dark Tan - Update - Finished!

    2. Aanchir 52 months ago | reply

      It's interesting that this set appears in the beloved "Sand" color family but most people don't think of it that way. It also draws attention to the similar naming of the "Sand", "Brick", and "Earth" colors, which is probably not coincidental.

      I sort of wonder why 7316 used Brick Yellow and not Sand Yellow to match the Sand colors of the other vehicles. It could very well be for budget reasons (more of the parts already existed in Brick Yellow), or because Sand Yellow made it look too militaristic, or because the color simply wasn't ready for release in 2001. In any case, a color scheme of Sand Yellow and Bright Yellow would have been a lot stranger looking than a color scheme of Brick Yellow and Bright Orange, since Bright Yellow is one of the few basic colors that's lighter in value than its "Sand" equivalent. The set's final color scheme stands out among the other sets, but still feels reasonably harmonious when taken on its own.

      Other than its lack of a metallic shine, this part is a great match for 147 Sand Yellow Metallic, and some BIONICLE builders have expertly used the two together in MOCs.

    3. bentomliu 32 months ago | reply

      I see a lack of dark tan shells.

    4. Brick Colorstream 32 months ago | reply

      I don't have any shells.

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