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    BrickLink: Copper
    Peeron: PearlCopper

    First used in 2004 in Knights Kingdom II, last used in 2008 Exo-Force sets. This color is a bit of a mess on BL, because they don't recognize Reddish Gold, Copper Drum Lacquer, or Red Flip/Flop separately. Copper is a pearly plastic color, not a coating.

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    1. -Mittens- 52 months ago | reply

      Ya know, I've seen a lot in these recent posts where you talk about "Plastic Color" and "Coating". Hate to sound uninformed, but what exactly is the difference? Is one shiner than the other?

    2. Brick Colorstream 52 months ago | reply

      Yeah, sorry! When I say it's the color of the plastic, I mean that there's no additive, that it's molded in the final color. The color is consistent throughout. Like this color, like Red... most colors really.

      Colors like Chrome Silver or Metallic Gold actually have a coating that is sprayed on (or electroplated -- I'm not sure of the actual process). They often miss unimportant areas of the part (or where the part was held during the coating process), such as the underside of a Metallic Gold 2x4 brick or the armpits of a Chrome stormtrooper. You don't see the plastic's color overall, since it's covered up by the coating.

      Does that make any sense? It's probably helpful if I use terms everyone can understand...

    3. Grayson M! 52 months ago | reply

      -Mittens- If you want to see if something is coating or plastic, try gouging it with a large knife, several times, or perhaps snapping it in half. I believe you'll find the process greatly informative.

    4. uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg 52 months ago | reply

      Is that flex tubing? I never knew they had it in that color if it is. Do you know what set its from?

    5. 4estFeller 52 months ago | reply

      I thought that that flex tubing was just brown?

    6. q_159 52 months ago | reply

      we need more Copper! More hoses, pipes, ...
      EDIT: wrong again, this kills me...

    7. Brick Colorstream 52 months ago | reply

      ^Wrong copper :)

      This is pearly copper, yours is Copper, Drum Lacquered (metallic coating)

    8. q_159 52 months ago | reply

      Ryan H. aaaaaaaa, too many colors! Now I know why they aren't all in BL's catalog.
      Do you have infos about the gaps, e.g. 137, 130 or 125? Do they have names but no available parts or are they missing completely?

    9. Aanchir 52 months ago | reply

      Ryan H. The colors with "Drum Lacquered" in their names are presumably coated by rolling them around with the surface material in a rotating drum, which is coincidentally very similar to how jelly beans are coated.

      This is a color that never appeared in BIONICLE... ironically, the Red Flip/Flop "Copper Masks of Victory" in 2001 were the only masks to ever appear in ANY copper color, unless you count the Reddish Gold "Krana-Kal" in 2003 which were described as copper on the BIONICLE website.

    10. Brick Colorstream 52 months ago | reply

      q_159 137 is Medium Orange, and I have no idea what it was used for. All I have is its RGB/CMYK numbers. 125 is Light Orange, same deal. I don't know about 130.

      Skye Barnick I figured it was something like that.

    11. danny316p 52 months ago | reply

      Ryan H. I take it that this Medium Orange and Light Orange have no relation to the colors BrickLink uses those names for...is that right?

    12. q_159 52 months ago | reply

      Dan correct, you find BL's Medium Orange here already:
      105 Bright Yellowish Orange / Medium Orange
      It's official name is "Bright Yellowish Orange"

    13. bentomliu 32 months ago | reply

      I honestly don't know why Lego had to discontinue so many metallic colors, especially copper.

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