11 Pastel Blue / Maersk Blue

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    Status: Retired (presumably)

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    This color was used exclusively for Maersk licensed sets... and a few early Duplo sets. A wider variety of parts in this color was available to LegoLand parks, as well. The color changed slightly with the Maersk Train set, since Lego had started mixing its own colors. The color was probably retired after 2011, as Maersk has changed their colors to something closer to 322 Medium Azur (see set 10241).

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    1. Jan.K 1974 32 months ago | reply

      May I add that the tone of this specific LEGO color changed before - in the phase between 1985 and 1995:
      Sets 1650 (1974), 1651 (1980) and 1552 (1985) had a different shade of Maersk Blue than the two versions of the 4 wide truck 1831 (1995 ff.).
      I will try to capture the difference when I dig out these sets the next time...

    2. Brick Colorstream 27 months ago | reply

      Jan.K 1974 Please do, I would love to see a comparison picture :)

      Do you know which version was used for the LegoLand non-production parts?

    3. WRme2 23 months ago | reply


      Gary Istok writes:

      "(...) In 2006... TLG was producing the 2006 Maersk Line Ship set... and something happened. The factory was running low on Maersk blue 2x4 bricks as they were nearing the end of the production run. Rather than produce another batch of bricks, many of which would sit around in inventory for years, TLG asked the model shops if they had any Maersk blue 2x4 bricks... so they could finish the production run. Well one of the older model shops (not sure which one)... did have a supply of the 2x4 bricks in their inventory in that color, so they shipped them to be included in the last of the 2006 10152 Maersk ship sets.

      What no one at TLG knew (or didn't care about)... was that these model shop versions of the Maersk blue 2x4 bricks in the late 10152 sets... were 3001old bricks... namely they didn't have cross supports attaching the tubes underneath to the sidewalls. This 3001old brick in Maersk blue was likely produced in the early 1980s for some model shop glued display models... and never found in any LEGO set... Maersk or otherwise... until the end of the 2006 run of the 10152. (...)"

      The mold number for these 2x4 bricks is 55.

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