9 Light Reddish Violet / Pink

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    Status: Retired

    BrickLink: Pink
    Peeron: Pink

    This color was introduced around 1997, when it replaced Belville's 17 Rose, which was a bit yellower. 9 Light Reddish Violet was itself replaced around 2006 by 222 Light Purple, which remains current.

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    1. q_159 52 months ago | reply

      was there any system in the numbers? How can number 9 replace the higher number 17?
      I guess when Light Reddish Violet replaced Rose around 1997, it did not occur in any Paradisa sets? So this Paradisa figure from 1997 has 17 Rose legs for sure?

    2. Brick Colorstream 52 months ago | reply

      I don't think there was much rhyme or reason to the color IDs below 100 (well, 50 and below). If there was, then Transparent (Clear) wouldn't be all the way at 40, and Bright Red wouldn't be at 21.

      It seems these early colors were numbered fairly arbitrarily, but I noticed how well they line up with most of the Modulex colors. Modulex colors have their own names and numbers, but:

      1 is White for both Lego and Modulex
      2 is Grey in Lego and Light Gray in Modulex
      4 is Brick Red (Fabuland Brown) and Terracotta
      5 is Brick Yellow and Buff
      11 is Pastel Blue for both
      12 is Light Orange Brown and Orange
      13 is Red Orange and Red
      14 is Pastel Green for both
      15 is Lemon for both
      16 is Pink for both

      That's about as far as it goes, but it's clear one numbering system was based on the other. If these colors don't match exactly, they are at least reasonably close. Since Modulex names and numbers were set as early as the 60s (I think), it could be that Lego tried to fit the System colors to match the Modulex colors. This is just me speculating wildly based on something I just noticed.

      Does anyone know when Lego's number/name system was first set in place?

      (I would guess that she's 17 Rose, but it's hard to know for sure.)

    3. WRme2 52 months ago | reply

      Another possibility is that the colors were numbered at a time near the transition when both were used in the design process.

      Or maybe the supplier of the raw ABS granules had a color numbering system that was copied by LEGO for easy reference.

    4. danny316p 50 months ago | reply

      I believe I've located a 2x4 in this color. Am I correct in thinking that this is a fairly minor change in color vs 222 Light Purple / Bright Pink? The example I have appears to be from a floor cleaning set in 2004 (unfortunately, Larry seems to have mixed polybags from two different sets, so it doesn't match directly with any BrickLink inventory) and looks about as different from Bright Pink as Light Grey looks from Light Bley. Does that sound right?

    5. Brick Colorstream 50 months ago | reply

      Pretty much. I'd say this color is closer to Paradisa Pink / 17 Rose than Bright Pink, though.

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