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Looper (Geometridae), Singapore | by singaporebugtracker
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Looper (Geometridae), Singapore

The Latest Must-have Pet -

If dogs are too conventional and goldfishes are mundane as well… a buck-toothed capybara or an affectionate skunk, which one would you bring home as pet? I’ll say not one is good. The former in maturity becomes too heavy to carry, and has a tendency to end in the kitchen oven for edacious belly. Of course, you can remove the musk glands in the latter, but from a psychological view, the sweetie you bring for a walk is avoided by nearly everybody. Let me remind, the cost of exotic pet ownership these days is sky high. Why spend your hard-earned money on veterinary bills and food when you can keep something that literally cost nothing? A lot of people are uncomfortable with caterpillars as darlings, I wish they would rethink. Spanworms for example are not picky eaters, rotten apple cores and leftover veggies is all they need. Wriggles could become jumping beans too, just add cayenne chilies. Regular outdoor exercise is not necessary, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Building up allied scenarios in my head… on most days, I am content to troop inside your terrarium and dream of places I never dared venture. On top of that, I’ll lend a sympathetic ear when you confide and your guilty secrets remain within four walls in certainty. If you’re down with coughing problems, I’ll step in as a tickle in your throat to make you spit up nicotine’s harmful kiss. When it comes to pulling a prank on friends, nobody but me will be the most fitting accomplice. Watch their shock faces when I crawl out your nostril suddenly. How about a Z-shaped zany eyebrow for the masquerade party? Worms really are intelligent and soulful companions cut out for adults or kids. In the same manner as how abusive bosses yells at mousy employees; you know you’ve made a good choice when you shout grievances at me and I don’t answer back. Metropolitans who are everlasting busy, fuss free inchworms looping on twigs make the best pet. Give spanworms a chance and adopt one from the forest today. What about me, huh? I am a bookworm.

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Taken on May 21, 2017