Mezcal Bar

We kick-off the conversation by only supporting premium mezcals with the goal to educate the guest on terroir and craftsmanship. Very similar in context to the winemaker story, guests follow the educational model, they just lack authentic tasting experiences.

Our technique is simple. Start with a small taste (CHUPITO) of mezcal (approx 1/3 ounce). Showcase the product with a baseline education, using complimentary set of premium mezcals for a starting point for their palate. Following the first sip, we offer a tiny touch of smoked sea salt and a cucumber slice. Engaging heat, then mineral and smoke, ending with the refreshing cool of the cucumber. Following the second sip, we offer Sal de Gusano and an orange slice to showcase traditions. These vehicles allow guests to explore various ideas for using mezcal at home and open conversation channels with others to discuss their experience. The result, an educated follower who can ultimately champion your brand.

COOL FACTOR Being a partner to the “Chupito Bar” for the Cochon US Tour has tons of perks, most importantly, over 2000 chefs and restaurant owners will sample your products over 6 months. Additionally, there are opportunities to get your brand included in thousands of websites and newsletters across the country in a widespread marketing campaign. Your involvement can lead to enormous domestic media coverage. Lastly, the “Mezcal Bar” accompanies all marketing efforts in all media alerts released in each market - it’s one of our brightest spotlights. Partners will have access to a large gallery of images featuring your brand for promotional purposes.
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