Pop-Up Butcher Shop
The COCHON U.S. TOUR proposes an opportunity to help change the face of our food system and raise money for culinary schools wanting a whole animal butchery program.

COCHON 555 has been hosting whole pig breakdowns at events for over seven years now. From the Four Seasons to the Ritz-Carlton, from the middle of best vineyards in the world to classrooms at the Culinary Institute of America. We were the first to spotlight butchers at events, and as a result we have seen public awareness about heritage breed pigs and the art of butchery increase. Our model has established a new platform for viable conversations between the butcher, chef, farm, educator and consumer to occur.

After being in the dark for nearly 40 years, the conversation has helped put the spotlight back on honest food producers and people looking to make the journey to the source for flavorful food. Together with media and a 20-city North American tour, we continue to educate about the benefits of supporting responsibly and honestly raised animals.

The Cochon 555 US Tour has established relationships with every top name culinary school in every major market. Students have enjoyed working in front of thousands of people breaking down whole animals with well-known butchers. Every single Cochon 555 branded event (100+) has featured a notable butcher helping raise money for the participating culinary school. Over the course of seven years, every school has raised $1,500 per event on average, the highest was $3,800 in Boston 2013. Cochon 555 matches the dollar amount through the buying of the pig, flights and lodging for staff running the program behind the scenes.

Typically, schools use the money for scholarships or off-campus activities such as a visit to see a pig farmer, a butcher shop, or taking the students on a culinary field trip. A few schools have used the funds to create a new scholarship, a butcher program and even buying a pig for a team cooking exercise. To say the least, the program has been financially and socially beneficial for students, schools, farmers, butchers and chefs.

This is the most hyper-local culinary event in the country right now. It’s honest, it’s hip, well-respected and cutting edge. And we are excited to have you be a part of this legacy.
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