NM/AZ trip CEC 2010
During July-August 2010 the lab went to SE Arizona to collect in the Chiricahua Mountains. We stayed in a rustic field station in the desert near Rodeo, NM because our budget wasn't sufficient to handle the Southwestern Research Station near Portal. When I say rustic, which of course is a relative term, I mean we had all the basic necessities, but had to prepare our own meals. This set has some random shots from the last couple days of policing up the FITs and a bit of knocking around the local desert. Weather was surprising moderate, with rainy afternoons, breezy, sunny mornings, and spectacular dark nights with lots of stars and mysterious lights. We spent quality time photographing various herps and were greatly entertained by the local gopher snakes and rapidly growing family of swallows outside the primitive commisary.
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