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sexy_goddess_ball - Yep plenty of seduction and contours with Liz the military solution architect sitting on her Dyson cinetic Big Ball after an ultra run

When and where in life do you learn how to understand the connections between the physical side of sex and lovemaking and link that with the twin concepts of reproduction/babymaking plus knowing how to express the emotional intimate nurturing caring romantic side of pleasuring in a way that will deeply satisfy and seduce a woman?


Is there some mysterious semi-lesbian-like methodology, thinking and/or process required? How do you get that knowledge? where does the imprinted latent sexual desire driving it come from? If you don't have it as an adult, does sex not interest you, and do you have no interest in romance and intimacy because they mean nothing and you can't understand how to create/initiate intimate situations?


Do you feel empty and unable to appeal to and pleasure women maybe because you have very low self-worth, self-esteem and/or self-confidence? As a result maybe of failed attempts to appease the goddess within a woman even you have an 'open invitation' with her you, does that make you unable to overcome feeling scared/frightened of interacting with women intimately at any level.


Does any woman who is very attractive and appealing to you (even your own girlfriend/partner/wife/lover) make you feel intimidated when you think about her (or perhaps get to see her nude) and you freeze up unable to know what to do and when and can't even initiate sexual play?


Do you not like being touched by others especially in your own intimate areas? During intimacy if you get that far do you find you are scared to moan/talk and make other sounds, and unable to give guidance/feedback/assistance to the women to show her how you like to touch yourself?


Do you cum waaay too quickly, or not at all? If you do, can you work through the immediate loss of interest and perhaps the physical pain if you took a very long time to reach your own orgasm to remain focused on pleasuring the women so she can reach at least one climax (even if you don't get any)?


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Uploaded on June 2, 2016