SISEM 40th Anniversary Gala
SISEM 40th Anniversary Gala
The SISEM Daycare Centre was established in 1977 by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate shortly after their arrival in Canada.
Originally five Sisters came to Edmonton in 1972 in response to a request from Father Stanislaw Wachowicz and Edmonton Archbishop Anthony Jorda.
For over forty-five years, the eleven Sisters currently in Edmonton have time and again provided outstanding service to the community in many endeavours, whether it is successfully operating the outstanding Daycare Centre, or as Teachers in the schools, or visitations to the elderly and the sick, all the while providing spiritual support and guidance to the whole church community.

167 years ago, the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate were established by Blessed Edmund Bojanowski who witnessed that the cholera epidemic that struck Poland was leaving a great number of children as orphans.
Bojanowski saw the need to care for children but knew that he could not do it alone. His prayers were answered when three ladies came forward and the religious order was formed.
The Sisters went on to start orphanages which eventually became daycare centres. Today, the eight hundred member congregation is present in a number of countries in addition to Poland and Canada, they have Houses in Cameroon, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.
In Edmonton, the Sisters operate a modern child care facility that provides outstanding services to up to 53 children from 19 months to age 6 from all backgrounds and religions.
Sadly they have a very long waiting list as many parents wish to place their children at this leading edge daycare.

With all of your generous support, the 40th Anniversary Playground has been built in time for the classes in September and today, 53 exciting children enjoy a leading edge, safe and outstanding playground.

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