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Volvo 760 turbo 1984 private junkyard vernon BC oct  2011 d | by hinterland_1
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Volvo 760 turbo 1984 private junkyard vernon BC oct 2011 d

This car came with the rare B23 FT motor with intercooler. As far as I know this motor was only used in 1984 models of this car in North America. This car is for sale, but the price is not a bargain.

Mileage is approx 135,000 miles, an American car which is now located in Canada.


The B23ET and B23FT motors were offered for two years only in the 1983 and 1984 Volvo 700 and 200 series. Both the B23ET and B23FT are somewhat unique in the 700 series as they are were only turbo motor offered in the 700 series with a block mounted distributor, forged pistons and a forged crankshaft. The B23ET was the only redblock known to be equipped with a small coolant passage version of the higher flowing 405 cylinder head, the FT had to make do with normal 398 head. As these motors predate the low-friction B200 and B230 turbos and are equipped with forged pistons and crank, they are often considered one of the most robust Volvo turbo motors.

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Taken on January 3, 2012