2.11.2014 NeoCyberCity
CyberLounge, Port Lydius (160, 102, 50)

Asmida Duranjaya and Miriam Evanier have kindly permitted me to build in their space on a joint project. It is nice that my talent is being encouraged by people who appreciate art and the themes which I enjoy to work with.

2.11.2014 Panel discussion on "Cyber Art" located in the sim by way of its public opening:

This is my first joint-build in SecondLife. I am very lucky to have been invited into this multi-national project. The theme is oriental urban sci-fi.

Although the artists involved all have a background working with these themes, none of us particularly wanted to repeat what we had already done.

There is text to accompany these pictures.

FEATURED IN ISSUE 2 of Bright metallic magazine!
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