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Duke Rolf Wynholm, Governor of New Lenfald and Master of the Western Isles | by aardwolf_83
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Duke Rolf Wynholm, Governor of New Lenfald and Master of the Western Isles

Rolf Wynholm was born the son of a wealthy merchant couple who made their fortunes braving pirate-ridden waters and rounding the harrowing Cape Havoc to bring the finest Lenfel meads and cheeses to the lords of Dalmunatha.


Following in his parents' footsteps, Rolf expanded their business to include a massive fleet of top-of-the-line trading vessels that could outrun any pirate lurking around Roawian shores.


During the War of Loreesi Aggression, Rolf distinguished himself by volunteering his experienced merchant fleet to blockade the Loreesi port of Val Augustos. Later, during the dark reign of Galainir, Rolf personally led his crews in evacuating Lenfel refugees and soldiers to the relative safety of Crakenhaven.


Due to his selfless contributions and undying loyalty to Lenfald, Rolf was named a duke of Lenfald and given holdings on its western shores, where he could oversee his trade fleets. After the discovery of New Lenfald, High Lord von Falkenborg recognized Duke Wynholm's invaluable knowledge of the sea, and appointed him Governor of New Lenfald, Master of the Western Isles.


Duke Wynholm is a generous and good-natured fellow with a brilliant mind for business. He knows little in the ways of war, but his stout heart and complete devotion to his country are quite commendable in their own right.

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Taken on August 6, 2016