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Governor Wynholm's Estate | by aardwolf_83
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Governor Wynholm's Estate

Having slipped once more past the watchful eyes of Jarius' various spies and informants, Abner caught passage on a stout trading cog to a small fishing village on the northern border of Tenfold. There he met up with a small crew of sailors and marines, and together they rowed out into one of the fjords that dotted the northern coastlines. The small party clambered aboard a waiting fishing vessel, setting sail for the west. They arrived discreetly in Crakenhaven, disguised as fishermen, and stowed aboard another merchant vessel that was returning to Isil Oro. A few miles out from Crakenhaven's harbor, the ship turned due north and sailed for just over an hour, when a large vessel loomed up out of the darkness. Abner and his crew climbed aboard this ship and the merchants turned back towards Lenfald with none the wiser. Under the cover of darkness, Abner's ship steered its prow to the west and the wind filled her sails.


Two weeks later, Abner landed once more in New Lenfald. This time, however, a pair of Lenfel soldiers awaited him on the beach, which was now dotted with watchtowers and armed sentries. Abner made his way inland, which was not very difficult now that the road had been built. Besides, the terrain on the southern coasts was flat and marshy, so the going was not exceedingly difficult.


It did not take him long to arrive at his destination, and Abner recognized it immediately. Duke Rolf Wynholm, newly titled Governor of New Lenfald and Master of the Western Isles, was known for his elaborate, ingenious, and ambitious architectural feats. His manor was no exception. The Governor seemed to have adapted quite well to his new environment, having perched one wing of his estate in the sturdy boughs of an enormous Thistlefrond tree, and having thatched his roof from the water-repelling boughs of the New Lenfald Palms that were so common on the island.


"Why all the secrecy?" wondered Abner to himself. "I am but a captain and a ranger, not a nobleman or a lord of any import."


He would find out soon enough.


Built for the Medieval Manor category of CCCXIII on and for LC 21 for LoR on Merlin's Beard.

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Taken on January 1, 2016