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Counselor Darrow | by aardwolf_83
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Counselor Darrow

Lenfald is a nation that believes in individual freedoms, including that of spiritual and religious beliefs. Lenfels are free to believe and practice whatever faiths or religions they choose so long as they do no harm to others in the process. To prevent quarrel and encourage religious groups to work for the betterment of all the people of Roawia, Lenfald's leaders long ago established the position of Counselor, a sort of spiritual leader and mediator for the land. Elected by a council of one hundred members of varying beliefs and backgrounds, he encourages understanding, open discussion, and peace, as well as resolving disputes between religious groups. Westrius Darrow is the first Counselor to be elected since the death of Maldrake (the previous Counselor was killed by the evil wizard for refusing to worship him) and is highly regarded by most religious people in Lenfald. He is quite charitable and prefers to dress in simple robes over fanciful attire. He is a strong advocate for Lenfald's environment; he believes that nature will return to people what they give it- that if Lenfels treat plants and animals with respect and use only what they need, they will guarantee their prosperity forever. On moral grounds, Counselor Darrow does not yield, and he sees the decision currently facing Lenfald as a very simple one: Lenfald must remain free and must seize this opportunity to open itself as a safe haven for all inhabitants of Roawia.

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Taken on March 5, 2015