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Field Marshal von Falkenborg | by aardwolf_83
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Field Marshal von Falkenborg

Field Marshal Albrecht von Falkenborg was born into the powerful Hahnker family just before the rule of High Lord Wensesclaus II began. From a young age, Albrecht was immersed in the game of politics and power, as at least one member of the Hahnker family has held a seat in the Falkenborg Council of Regents since the city was founded. This early exposure to politics made Albrecht quite gregarious and exceptionally adept in all social situations. His intelligence shone through even during his childhood; Albrecht could often be found tinkering with tools in one of Falkenborg's smithies or watching, wide-eyed, as an alchemist demonstrated mesmerizing reactions of metal and liquid. As he aged, Albrecht remained studious but also developed quite an interest in military tactics, for which he showed a high aptitude. When he was just ten, Albrecht found a mentor in renowned tactician Bernard Knapp, whose encouragement and wisdom led Albrecht to a seat in the Lower Council of Falkenborg at only thirteen years of age. His wisdom and charm impressed the other members of the council, who recommended him for admittance into Lenfald's prestigious Academy of Military Disciplines. There, Albrecht was taught everything from swordplay and archery to tactics and campaign strategy. He received additional instruction on naval warfare during his free time, becoming one of the most versatile and knowledgable officers in all of Roawia. His first assignment utilized both his naval and land warfare skills as the commander of a Lenfel Marine detachment. During his time with the Marines, now Captain Albrecht von Falkenborg distinguished himself during the decimation of the pirate fleets harassing Lenfel trading vessels near the northern coasts. Albrecht was promoted repeatedly throughout his career, receiving the appointment to Field Marshal from High Lord Wensesclaus II himself, and was placed in command of the armies of Northeast Lenfald. Years later, during the War of Roawian succession, Field Marshal von Falkenborg and his men rushed to defend Stonewald from the advancing Loreesi hordes. He later organized and trained fighting units during the dark times of the Queen's rule and participated in the assaults on the royal castle and Falkenborg, and in the campaign to free Garheim. Highly intelligent in both tactical expertise and human relations, a seasoned veteran of several major campaigns, and with the most outstanding mustache in Lenfald, Field Marshal von Falkenborg is an expected face at the Congress in Stonewald.

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